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A fun use of SUBSTRING_INDEX and friends in MySQL
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I used to develop with MySQL, and those were the golden days. These days I don’t write queries so much. But yesterday I needed to answer this question: are there any issues in our issue-tracking system that meet the following criteria?

  • The last two or more emails are from the customer
  • These emails were separated by at least two hours (i.e. it wasn’t a single train of thought)

I could do it with all kinds of correlated subqueries and so on — but maybe I could also just do it without them, no? Can this be done with plain old JOINS and GROUP BY? I’m sure you know the answer.

Here’s …

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Calculating the Nth percentile in MySQL
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Yesterday, I was on the freenode ##pentaho irc channel when Andres Chaves asked me how to calculate the Nth percentile in MySQL. He saw a solution somewhere using subqueries, but wasn't too happy about it.

A while ago I wrote about calulating the median in MySQL, and it turns out the Nth percentile can be calculated using a similar, single-pass approach, not relying on subqueries, …

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