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What is a MySQL storage engine anyway?
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"New Shimmer is both a floor wax and a dessert topping!" - Chevy Chase, Saturday Night Live

On a Saturday Night Live comedy skit, a husband is arguing that Shimmer is a dessert topping, while his wife insists that it’s a floor wax. Then the Shimmer spokesman-Chevy Chase-explains that it is both. While this juxtaposition is humorous, in many respects this is what databases have been doing for years. Instead of specializing on one specific task, most mainstream databases provide an acceptable combination of performance and capabilities across all use cases. The pluggable storage engine architecture is now changing this, ushering in an era of on-demand …

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Kickfire: stream-processing SQL queries
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Some of you have noticed Kickfire, a new sponsor at this year’s MySQL Conference and Expo. Like Keith Murphy, I have been involved with them for a while now. This article explains the basics of how their technology is different from the current state of the art in complex queries on large amounts of data.

Kickfire is developing a MySQL appliance that combines a pluggable storage engine (for MySQL 5.1) with a new kind of chip. On the surface, the storage engine …

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