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Percona Live Highlights
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Last week marked my first April-MySQL-Conf since 2009, and now that I'm back home I wanted to reflect on some of my personal highlights.

Photo Credit: @miguel2angel

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The MySQL Team is Hiring
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As mentioned in my recent MySQL Performance Blog interview, Oracle has a number of vacancies in the MySQL team. By my count, there are 21 current vacancies:

  • IRC2431754
    Software Developer 4
    MySQL Server Development (Windows)
  • IRC2433642
    Software Developer 4
    MySQL Server Development (Replication)
  • IRC2435607
    Internet Sales Representative II
    MySQL Corporate Sales
  • IRC2437590
    Software Developer 3
    MySQL Enterprise Tools
  • IRC2423566
    Technology Sales Representative III
    MySQL Sales
  • IRC2421573
    Technical Analyst 3-Support
    MySQL Support
  • IRC2409719
    Sales Consultant
    MySQL Global Business Unit
  • IRC2409720
    Sales Consultant

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Eating your own dogfood
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I’ve just finishing converting my blog from Jekyll to WordPress.

There were a couple of features I was looking for (such as being able to schedule upcoming posts), but the real reason is that I want to be able to use MySQL 5.7 DMR3 against a tool that I interact with almost every day.

Or as this is more informally known, I wanted to eat my own dogfood:

I now have:

  • WordPress 3.8.1
  • MySQL 5.7 DMR3
  • All InnoDB Storage Engine
  • Disqus comment engine (comment if you think this is cheating)
  • “Markdown on Save Improved” plugin.

I apologize for broken images and URLs changing slightly (which will break

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