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Why MySQL introduced a new command 'CHANGE REPLICATION FILTER'
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The MySQL@Oracle announced 5.7.3 development milestone release, now available for download at You can find the full list of changes and bug fixes in the 5.7.3 Release Notes. One of the changes which went in this milestone release was MAKE –REPLICATION-* FILTER SETTINGS DYNAMIC. With this work the slave options –replicate-* can be changed dynamically through the new command CHANGE REPLICATION FILTER. These new options allow …

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Making MySQL Slave Replication Filters Dynamic
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In MySQL Replication, users can filter statements either at master (using --binlog-* startup options) or at the slave (using --replicate-* startup options). Prior to MySQL-5.7.3, users could set these filtering rules either through command line parameters or by using my.cnf file. In either case MySQL server must be restarted in order to change the filtering rules. It is not easy to restart MySQL server in real time scenarios (because of downtime issues and also loss of buffer cache resulting in performance problems). It is always helpful having a way to dynamically configure these filtering rules. Particularly in environments where …

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