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Developing small Mac apps with MySQL
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What tool should I use to develop small MySQL end user applications on my Mac?

Let me start by saying that I don’t know the answer, and I’m looking for your guidance. To make my question more specific, let me describe my background and what I want.

I started my professional career in the 1980s as a developer using a tool called FOCUS by Information Builders. Terminology was different in those times. Focus was “a hierarchical database” and a “4GL“, which stood for “

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First login on iCloud OS
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On August 22 2008, after reading a post by Lewis Cunningham, I did for the first time a quick evaluation of iCloud, an Internet Operating System by Xcerion.

From a User prospective, an O.S. is a set of applications and a kernel - i.e. the basis on which other applications run. An Internet O.S. is an O.S. that runs in the cloud. You have to image a Desktop with its own icons and a “start” toolbar - running on your browser.

When you double-click on an icon the application linked by that icon will be opened. You can move the window, resize it, maximize it and minimize it - all within your

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Five billion social network sites, each about one person
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In response to brad's post and daveman692's post, about Thoughts on the Social Graph.

I have posted the following:

I came home from FOOcamp with my mind buzzing with something similar. It was in the zeitgeist, I guess.

Between being annoyed at some of 6As recent actions, and annoyed that if I left LJ, I would lose a lot of valuable social network information. And then the sessions

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