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The ocelotgui debugger
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I have merged a debugger for MySQL/MariaDB stored procedures and functions into our GUI client and posted the source and binaries on github. It allows breakpoint, clear, continue, next, skip, step, tbreakpoint, and variable displays. Features which are rare or missing in other debuggers include:
its current platform is Linux;
it allows breakpoints on functions which are invoked within SQL statements;
it never changes existing stored procedures or functions;
it is integrated with a general GUI client;
it allows commands like gdb and allows menu items / shortcut keys like ddd; …

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Stored Procedures: critiques and defences
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I've gathered the main critiques of MySQL / MariaDB stored procedures, and will try some defences.


The critique:

SQL/PSM is the standard 4GL and it was the work of Andrew Eisenberg. Andy based it on ADA. Unless you are military, you have never seen ADA. Be grateful it is dead.
-- Joe Celko, reminiscing about his days on the SQL standard committee

Actually I believe Mr Celko likes SQL/PSM, which is the standard that MySQL and MariaDB follow. Here at last is your chance to see some Ada …

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I know of seven DBMSs that support GET DIAGNOSTICS: DB2, Oracle Rdb, MySQL, MariaDB, …

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Temporary tables, standard SQL
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The PostgreSQL manual says:

"The standard's definition of the behavior of temporary tables is widely ignored. PostgreSQL's behavior on this point is similar to that of several other SQL databases."

The first sentence is false. The second sentence could be rephrased as "MySQL copied us", although nobody else did, as far as I know.

The standard's definition is widely followed

I base this claim on the documentation of …

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An open-source MySQL/MariaDB GUI client on Linux
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We've written a GUI application. Its command-line options are like those in the mysql client. Its graphic features are an SQL-statement text editor and a scrollable SQL result set. It runs on Linux now and we believe it could be ported to other platforms.

Here are four screenshots.

The startup is as non-GUI as can be -- in fact it gets options from the command line, or from my.cnf, the same way that the mysql client does. Wherever it seemed reasonable, we asked: What would mysql do?

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The BINARY and VARBINARY data types
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MySQL's support of the BINARY and VARBINARY data type is good, and the BINARY and VARBINARY data types are good things. And now the details. What applies here for MySQL applies for MariaDB as well.

Who supports VARBINARY

There's an SQL:2008 standard optional feature T021 "BINARY and VARBINARY data types". Our book has a bigger description, but here is one that is more up to date:

DBMS Standard-ish? Maximum length
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Roles Review
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A role is a bundle of GRANTed privileges which can be assigned to users or which can take the place of users. When there are hundreds or thousands of users, administration becomes a horrible burden if the DBMS doesn't support roles. Our online ANSI-standard book has syntax descriptions. Other DBMSs do support roles, and MySQL has had a worklog task "WL#988 Roles" for many years. Earlier attempts to implement them included a Google Summer of Code project and …

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The USA's site and LAMP
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The USA's health care exchange site,, has had well-publicized initial woes.

The New York Times has said one of the problems was the government's choice of DBMS, namely MarkLogic. A MarkLogic employee has said that "If the exact same processes and analysis were applied to a LAMP stack or an Oracle Exa-stack, the results would have likely been the same."

I don't know why he picked Exastack for comparison, but I too have wondered whether …

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TokuDB Features
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Many people have tested whether the TokuDB storage engine runs faster and compresses better than the default storage engine, InnoDB. I am more concerned about TokuDB's features. Or, to put it unfairly: can it do everything that InnoDB can do, in a current version?

Vadim Tkachenko of Percona supplied a binary download for a platform that I happen to have (Ubuntu 12.04), so I got MySQL 5.6 + TokuDB 7.1 up and running within 15 minutes. Then I found that I could not break …

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The UTF-8 world is not enough
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In English there are very few words of Japanese origin but I think this one has a great future: mojibake. Mojibake is the garbage you see when MySQL or MariaDB has a column definition saying character set A, stores into it a string that's actually in character set B, then ships it to a client which expects everything to be in character set C.

For some DBMSs (Drizzle and NuoDB spring to mind) it's apparent that the developers decided that users could avoid mojibake, and developers …

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