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MEB copies binary logs and relay logs to support PITR and cloning of master/slave
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With MySQL Enterprise Backup(MEB) 3.9.0 we had introduced full instance backup feature for cloning the MySQL server. Now with MEB 3.11.0 we have enhanced the feature by copying all the master-slave setup files like MySQL server binary logs(will be referred as 'binlogs'), binary log index files, relay logs of slave, relay log index files, master info of slave, slave info files. As part of full instance backup, copying of binlog files is default behavior MEB-3.11.0 onwards. DBA should be aware of the fact that current full instance backup is …

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Optimistic Backup
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MySQL Enterprise Backup (MEB) is a highly efficient tool for taking backups of your MySQL databases. In the 3.11.0 release we are taking that one step further by introducing a new concept called "optimistic" backup. Optimistic backup leverages the patterns we saw frequently especially as related to very large databases.

For backups the goals are:
1 - Quality and Consistency - the backup and more importantly the restore just "works"
2 - Size, time, and overhead - like in the game of golf - low score wins - for backups and for
3 - Flexibility – It’s …

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Data Encryption with MySQL Enterprise Backup 3.10
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MySQL Enterprise Backup (MEB) 3.10 introduces support for encrypted backups by allowing backup images, or single-file backups, to be encrypted. However, backups stored in multiple files in a backup directory can not be encrypted.

Any MEB command that produces a backup image can be optionally requested to encrypt it. The encrypted backup image can be stored in a file or tape in the same way as an unencrypted backup image. Similarly, any MEB command that reads data from a backup image accepts also an encrypted backup image. This means that encrypted backups can be used in all the same situations as unencrypted …

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Optimistic non-locking copy of InnoDB .frm files
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MySQL Enterprise Backup(MEB) does hot backup of innodb data and log files. Till MEB 3.6.1, the user backs up the only innodb tables in a 3 step process:

STEP 1. Take backup using --only-innodb option

STEP 2. Temporarily make the table read only by executing “FLUSH TABLES WITH READ LOCK”

STEP 3. Manually copy the .frm files of innodb tables to the destination directory where backup is stored.


MEB 3.7.0 has an enhancement to innodb file copying. The .frm files gets copied along with the hot backup done for innodb files. I …

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