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Another 10 Performance Wins
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Following on from my earlier 10 performance wins post, here is another group of 10 I have worked on.

# Target Analyzed Key Tool Fixed Specific Improvement 11 redis System DTrace System scheduler 41% 12 rsync System DTrace Application app config 5x 13 mongoperf System DTrace System ZFS tuning up to 8x 14 backups System iostat System OS tuning 2x – 4x 15 Percona System taskset System OS tuning 16x 16 ZFS System DTrace System OS tuning up to 100x 17 Sphinx System Flame Graphs Build compiler options 75% 18 rsync System methodology Application system tuning 2.3x 19 ab System DTrace System TCP issue 5x 20 Elasticsearch System arcstat Benchmark config 50%

Longer summaries for each below. See the

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10 Performance Wins
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I work on weird and challenging performance issues in the cloud, often deep inside the operating system kernel. These have made for some interesting blog posts in the past, but there’s a lot more I don’t have time to share in that much detail. Here, I’ve summarized ten recent issues that myself and the other engineers at Joyent have worked on. I’d love to see similar summaries from other performance experts worldwide – it’s useful to see the types of issues people are working on and the tools they are using.

# Target Analyzed Key Tool Fixed  [Read more...]
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