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Running Connector/Net 6.5 inside Medium-Trust Level
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As you probably know, there were some problems using our connector in medium-trust level scenarios. Most hosting services provide MySQL access.  Most of these hosting providers run their .NET web apps using medium trust.  Prior to 6.5, our connector required the hosting provider to either run the application in full trust or to enable broad privileges like SocketPermission globally.  Many hosting providers are unwilling to do that.  So fully enabling our provider to run in a partial trust scenario was a strongly requested feature. The request was a very simple task: enable Connector/Net to work correctly in a medium-trust level environment when the library is installed in the GAC.

The implementation consisted of including the necessary security imperative asserts so the CLR allows our code to perform the operations where it needs

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Running Connector/Net 6.5 inside Medium-Trust Level
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Connector/Net is now enabled to work inside a Medium/Partial Trust security level. Just download the new 6.5 version to use with your .Net application and you should be able to see it working just fine.
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