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Enterprise Monitor: “Add Bulk MySQL Instances” 50 in 1-click.
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Carrying on with my MySQL 5.7 Labs Multi Source Replication scenario, I wanted to evaluate performance impact via MySQL Enterprise Monitor.

Whilst I opened my environment, I remember that I had generated lots of different skeleton scripts that allowed me to deploy the 50 servers quickly, and I didn’t want to add each of my targets 1 by 1 in MEM. So, I used one of the many features available, “Add Bulk MySQL Instances”.

So, I’ve …

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Optimizer Tracing
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A a new tracing capability has been added to the MySQL optimizer with 5.6.3. Optimizer Tracing goes beyond EXPLAIN EXTENDED to show how the optimizer treats queries. The demonstration of this feature at Oracle Open World had several noted DBAs speechless.

SET optimizer_trace="enabled=on";

And the trace follows (sadly WordPress kills …

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MySQl Cluster 7.2 — a single node cluster
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Today we will get MySQL Cluster running on a single node.

A few years ago I created as presentation on running MySQL Cluster 5.1 on a laptop using Virtualbox that has proven to be the most popular download from with over nine hundred downloads.  Now MySQL 7.2 is in development milestone release and I find that I have some catching up to do.

Those of you with access to the Carrier Grade Edition (CGE) of Cluster, check out MySQL Cluster Manager 1.1 and Andrew Morgan’s  …

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