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MySQL 5.6.17: Improved Online Optimize Table For INNODB and PARTITIONED INNODB Tables
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OPTIMIZE TABLE is a maintenance operation used to recover the disk space and improve IO efficiency. It is recommended that the operation is carried out under the cases noted in the optimize table documentation.

MySQL versions prior to MySQL 5.6.17 does not allow concurrent changes (inserts, updates, deletes) to the table when the OPTIMIZE TABLE operation is being performed on that table. This causes downtime for user applications and is relatively high for large tables.


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Did you know "optimize table" can reset your auto-increment ?
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I’ve used the OPTIMIZE command for a long time, in particular for disk space problems.

But I recently had a problem with this command and an auto-incremented table, you can reproduce this problem like that :

Create a table with an auto-incremented column :

mysql> use test
Database changed
mysql> create table test_optimize (id int(8) unsigned NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, PRIMARY KEY (id)) engine=InnoDB;
Query OK, 0 rows affected (1.09 sec)

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