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How to compile MySQL with the Falcon Storage Engine from the BitKeeper source tree
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Now that the source tree for the new Falcon Storage Engine is finally public, here's a quick HOWTO on how to compile the server from source. This procedure is described in more detail in the MySQL Manual. I assume you use Linux and have the required development toolchain installed.

You first should get the free BK client from …

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Brisbane Users Group - MySQL Hackfest
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Last night we had a number of keen souls at the Brisbane MySQL User Group. I was very impressed to see the majority of people with laptops at hand.

You can download my slides and code examples at my Articles page.

In our hands on Hackfest tutorial we created the new command SHOW USERGROUPS. Before anybody makes a comment, it was stated in the presentation that this command was made a dummy one, and is a poor candidate for two reasons.

  1. The results should be more dynamic, rather then hardcoded into the source tree
  2. USERGROUPS is …
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Compiling MySQL Tutorial 3 - Debugging Output
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Continuing on from Tutorial 2.

When reviewing the 2.1. C/C++ Coding Guidelines for MySQL, you will see that the MySQL Source uses within the C/C++ code DBUG (Fred Fish’s debug library). This is one of the 3rd party open source products that are documented in the Internals 1.4. The Open-source Directories.

You will also find some usage in the MySQL Manual …

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Compiling MySQL Tutorial 2 - Directly from the source
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Should you want to be on the bleeding edge, or in my case, don’t want to download 70MB each day in a daily snapshot (especially when I’m getting build errors), you can use Bit Keeper Free Bit Keeper Client that at least lets you download the MySQL Repository. This client doesn’t allow commits, which is a good thing for those non-gurus in mysql internals (which definitely includes me).

/bin/sh bk-client.shar
cd bk_client-1.1

By placing sfioball in your path you can execute.

sfioball bk:// mysql-5.1

This took …

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Compiling MySQL Tutorial 1 - The Baseline - Update
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Just to confirm my earlier confusion about verified snapshots at Compiling MySQL Tutorial 1 - The Baseline.

“Daily snapshot sources are only published, if they compiled successfully (using the BUILD/compile-pentium-debug-max script) and passed the test suite (using make test). If the source tree snapshot fails to compile or does not pass the test suite, the source tarball will not be published.”

Seems the fine print at MySQL Database Server 5.1: Beta snapshots also states this. Well, need to take my RTFM pill there.

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Compiling MySQL Tutorial 1 - The Baseline
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This tutorial is aimed at Linux installations that has the standard development tools already installed. The INSTALL file in the source archives provides good details of the software required (e.g. gunzip, gcc 2.95.2+,make).

Create a separate user for this development work.

su -
useradd mysqldev
su - mysqldev

Get an appropiate Snapshot

You can view recent snapshots at

The official statement on snapshots from MySQL AB.
Daily snapshot sources are only published, if they compiled …

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