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Open Storage Webinar
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I will be hosting a webinar on May 7 about how companies like Wikimedia and Smugmug are using Open Storage and MySQL to deliver rich media (photos, videos) to their users. You can view the webinar live or on demand here (http://www.mysql.com/news-and-events/on-demand-webinars/display-od-337.html).
Big Data: SSD's, R, and Linked Data Streams
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The Solid State Storage Revolution: If you haven't seen it, I recommend you watch Andy Bechtolsheim's keynote at the recent Mysqlconf. We covered SSD's in our just published report on Big Data management technologies. Since then, we've gotten additional signals from our network of alpha geeks and our interest in them remains high.

R and Linked Data Streams: I had a chance to visit with Dataspora founder and blogger Mike Driscoll, an enthusiastic advocate for the use of the open source statistical

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Video: Interview with Marc Delisle, of the phpMyAdmin project
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I caught up with Marc Delisle (we have a relatively old interview with him on the MySQL DevZone) recently, and got him to give us an introduction to phpMyAdmin, the several books he’s written, and how the project gets new features from the Google Summer of Code. What’s really impressive? They continue winning awards (Marc won one from MySQL in 2009 as well!), and have a user base of nearly 18.5 million (this is downloads — not just users, considering how common it is in shared hosting environments). Watch the video for more.

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Video: Interview with Microsoft’s PHP Evangelist
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I caught up with Zach Skyles Owens, a PHP Evangelist at Microsoft. If you missed the embed, watch the video. I have some sparse notes below.

I learned some new things:

  • Microsoft spends time working with the PHP community
  • They are porting applications to work with an SQL Server backend
  • They are ensuring that the language should “just work”, with the IIS and SQL Server stack. This is quite different from the usual AMP (Apache = server, MySQL = database, PHP = language) stack that we’re quite accustomed to.
  • There is a Microsoft Web Platform, and there’s a

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Video: Interview with some of the folk behind my.barackobama.com
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I had the pleasure of having a quick video interview with Chuck Hagenbuch and Leigh Heyman, both from Blue State Digital, and people that helped run the my.barackobama.com campaign. They’re giving the closing keynote at the MySQL Conference & Expo 2009 alongside three engineers from Google, and its going to be great.

If you missed the embed, here’s the video. Don’t forget to see them, at their closing keynote titled Database We Can Believe In: Stories from the Front Lines (and Server Rooms) of Barack Obama’s Online Presidential Campaign.

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Frank Mashraqi on Hadoop, memcached, and why the MySQL Conference is cool
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Today I spoke with Farhan “Frank” Mashraqi, former Fotolog DBA, now working at a startup, NetEdge, working on social analytics. He’s talking about the two sessions he’s giving next week at the MySQL Conference & Expo 2009, as well as the benefits of being at the MySQL Conference & Expo.

He’s giving two talks:

  • Hadoop and MySQL: Friends with Benefits in where he will tell you about how you can combine data sets and queries, some of which run on Hadoop, and others which run on MySQL, but eventually probably end up in MySQL (he

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    Video: What the MySQL Is This, Anyway?
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    Giuseppe Maxia and I are in the exact middle of our leg of theMySQL Campus Tour. Yesterday’s session was recorded — play the video online right in your browser at http://technocation.org/node/700/play or download the 80 Mb .mov file at http://technocation.org/node/700/download.

    A PDF of the slides can be downloaded at http://technocation.org/files/doc/2009_04_Tour.pdf (21 Mb).

    Click on the thumbnails for larger pictures of the standing-room only crowd, and lunch with the great folks at Cal Poly afterwards:

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    Real Time Data Warehousing Presentation and Video
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    At the March Boston MySQL User Group meeting, Jacob Nikom of MIT’s Lincoln Laboratory presented “Optimizing Concurrent Storage and Retrieval Operations for Real-Time Surveillance Applications.” In the middle of the talk, Jacob said he sometimes calls what he did in this application as “real-time data warehousing”, which was so accurate I decided to give that title to this blog post.

    The slides can be downloaded in PDF format (1.3 Mb) at http://www.technocation.org/files/doc/Concurrent_database_performance_02.pdf. The 54 minute video can be downloaded (644Mb) at http://technocation.org/node/693/download or streamed directly in your browser at

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    Free Culture vs. Fear Culture vs. Fee Culture
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    Last week, my good colleague Gerv gently took me to task about requiring that videos submitted to the Mozilla Net Effects video program be licensed under the Creative Common NonCommercial-ShareAlike license (instead of an actual Free Culture licensed like Creative Common ShareAlike license or Creative Common Attribution license) . I thought about this for a while and got to wondering why I’d ever let fear of misuse overcome my experience and common sense.

    Licensing and contract choices are often driven by fear and greed. We work, play, love and give in an environment

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    Video interview with Jack Adams at #fosdem
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    This was an interview Jack Adams did with me at the MySQL/OpenSolaris booth at FOSDEM last weekend. Jack adams is an OpenSolaris mascotte, look around on YouTube for more funny interviews with him.
    Presentation: Partitioning in MySQL 5.1
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    At the January 2009 Boston User Group I presented a session on the new partitioning feature in MySQL 5.1. I go through how to define partitions, how partitioning makes queries faster, the different types of partitioning and when to use each type, and the restrictions and limitations of partitioning.

    The slides are available at http://www.technocation.org/files/doc/2009_01_Partitioning.pdf. The 380.6 Mb .mov movie (1 hr 16 min) can be played directly in your browser at http://technocation.org/node/671/play or downloaded at http://technocation.org/node/671/download.

    The partitioning part of the MySQL Manual is at:

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    Introducing WarpTalks
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    This week we had our first WarpTalks session. Once a month we’ll gather in our meeting room and someone will deliver a talk, workshop or debate about topics considered interesting.

    We opened this Monday with two talks. They are in Spanish but you can get the idea.

    Introduction to Subversion by Victor Jimenez

    Subversion is the RCS we currently use, and the developers know it well enough to do their everyday job, but the not-so technical people at the company have been expecting some training for a while.

    Introduccion a Subversion from Jorge Bernal on Vimeo.

    10 things you might not know about MySQL by Jorge Bernal (me)

    MySQL is the obvious choice when we need a database for our projects, so many of

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    What Does the Net Mean to You?
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    Mozilla, the global community behind the Firefox web browser, has an idea that we need your help with. We want you to help make openness, participation and distributed decision-making common experiences in Internet life.

    To do this, millions of people around the world must understand, embrace and share these values. You, me, our families, our neighbor down the street, our political representatives – millions of us from every walk of life in every wired country can help to protect the Net and make it better.

    As an experiment working towards this goal, I am coordinating a program that asks people to share short (very, very short – 3 to 12 second) video statements of how the Net has changed their life. We hope that thousands of videos are made by people all over the

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    First 1080p video from Canon’s new 5D MkII – Amazing!
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    My father and I got our 5D MkIIs on Friday and we could hardly wait for the batteries to charge. He took his to SF to test its vaunted low-light performance and posted this 60-second 1080p clip (along with other resolutions) on his SmugMug site: Click to watch it auto-sized for your monitor or check out the full 1080p resolution (caution – *high* bandwidth! UPDATE: Apologies if you tried to watch 1080p on Windows earlier. My bug made it look terrible. Try again, please?).

    Here’s his story:

    “I had seen Vincent Laforet’s amazing short film, but only in 720p. I knew what an amazing photographer he is and wondered how close an everyman like me could come to

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    The State of Open Source Databases: OpenSQL Camp Keynote Featuring Brian Aker
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    Brian Aker delivers the keynote speech at OpenSQL Camp: State of the Open Source Databases. The presentation begins with a disclaimer:
    “There is no way I’m going to tell you exactly where the future of databases go. We have way too many egos in the room to ever even begin a discussion…”
    and ends with Aker saying,
    “What the hell does that mean?”

    View the video online at
    or download the 42.6 MB Flash video file (.flv) directly at http://technocation.org/node/649/download.

    My summary: (more…)

    Open Source Pony Tail
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    Sorry for not updating this blog regularly. My wife's due date is soon so I've busy.

    Anyway, I wanted to share this very funny interview with Jonathan Schwartz (puppet):
    Getting started with Kettle
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    For those people starting with Kettle (Pentaho Data Integration) we created a Getting Started page on our Wiki.

    Since I realized that for some people, simple and easy can never be simple and easy enough I created 8 mini-flash demos :

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    Hug A Developer Day
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    Man, this video hits too close to home. Developers all over the world are in pain, so go ahead – hug one right now! Dedicated to all developers at blinkx, MySQL (http://www.mysql.com), and beyond.

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    A video of online backup
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    Robin just wrote a new article, titled A Quick Look at MySQL 6.0’s New Backup, and I thought, that maybe you’d like to also see this in presentation/video format…

    At OSCON, Giuseppe actually gave a quick talk at the Sun booth, about our online backup. He also showed how to use it. All examples there, were done with the test-db sample database.

    (MySQL Online Backup in Practice, video if the above doesn’t appear)

    Monty speaks about Maria
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    Michael Widenius, commonly referred to as Monty, gave a very interesting talk on Maria at OSCON 2008. He not only had a talk in the main session, that was well attended, titled Architecture of Maria, the New Transactional Storage Engine for MySQL (slides are available in ODP there), he also gave one at the Sun booth, where we were running our own little “unconference”.

    For those reading this in a feed reader, there’s a 23 minute video of Monty telling us more about Maria, a bit about its motivations, architecture, and where the team is at now. If you’re interested in grabbing the code, check out the MySQL + Maria Storage Engine branch on Launchpad.

    Drizzle? seeing sun through the clouds
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    Brian Aker was at the Sun booth today, in a premier slot, where there must have been about 50-60 people, huddled around, to listen to him talk about Drizzle. The project motivations, what’s behind it, what its not aimed to be, and so much more. Check the video out (21 minutes long)!

    The Birds of a Feather (BoF) session in the night, was well attended, and there was lots of large discussion on what’s next. I think the important message to take away is that Drizzle doesn’t aim to be MySQL, and there are no plans to “merge” things back (fixes where the code-base is shared though, might make sense). Its also important that the design is for the future,

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    MySQL vs. PostgreSQL
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    We were at the Sun+Zend party last night, and it was a blast (thank you Jesse Silver!). If you’re a PostgreSQL or MySQL user/developer or just a general database geek, you should’ve been there. Why?

    (watch the video if its stripped in your feed reader)

    Monty Widenius (MySQL) and Josh Berkus (PostgreSQL), decided to start sumo wrestling! It ended with a 5-0 score, advantage MySQL.

    An attendee Tim Moore twittered: “Postgres is totally losing the sumo match. I’m migrating all of my databases to MySQL tomorrow.”

    Monty says, this is what we do to people that leave Sun! In fact, if you didn’t already

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    Why Drizzle? video
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    Brian Aker gives the “zinger” lightning talk about the newly announced “Drizzle”. This short (under 8 minutes) video captures Aker’s highlights of why he started the Drizzle project and how Drizzle is different from MySQL — both in what has been removed from MySQL and what features Drizzle can accomodate.

    Play the video directly in your browser at http://technocation.org/node/576/play or download the 116 Mb file at http://technocation.org/node/576/download.

    Silona speaks about grids, databases, and open government
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    Silona Bonewald, the lady always in a hat (she says that it’s just become an extension of her). Describe her, by her tags: open government, open data, open standards, and databases.

    (watch the video if your feed reader strips it out)

    Silona’s the founder of The League of Technical Voters, which allows technical people to be more involved in voting process. As part of this, she created the Transparent Federal Budget, with Bill Bradley and Jimmy Wales.

    On top of all that, she’s also the open source evangelist for

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    March 2008 Boston MySQL User Group ? Slides and Video Are Up!
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    Well, nobody from Sun showed up in person, but we got a great rendition of “Where were you when you heard THE NEWS that Sun bought MySQL?” from Mark Rubin, the MySQL Sales Engineer for the New England area, and from Giuseppe Maxia, who revealed something very interesting and riveting.

    From there, Giuseppe gave a short talk on what it’s like to work at MySQL, and then we moved on to the topic of the user group meeting, “What is MySQL Cluster Good For?”

    The slides for the talk are downloadable in PDF Format 61kB and Flash (SWF) format, 31kB

    The video can be played at

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    Brian, Monty and Tim O?Reilly at OSCON 2008 Keynote
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    Interested in MySQL? Drizzle? How the Sun acquisition is going for MySQL? Listen to Brian, Monty, and Tim speak about this, at the OSCON panel. Watch the video, its 20+ minutes, it starts off a bit shaky (oops), but I’m mostly happy with the rest. Enjoy.

    MySQL Rocks: Wen Huang, in Makati City, Philippines
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    I’m at the Sun Tech Days in beautiful Philippines, and all I can say is the energy is tremendous. I’m hearing there are about 1,400 attendees, and this number might grow tomorrow.

    Armed with a video camera, I decided to take a few video snapshots. My first victimguest on my yet to be named videocast is Wen Huang, Product Manager for NetBeans, at Sun Microsystems.

    Wen Huang has been a MySQL user since 1999, and had a past life as a web developer in various web shops, some large, some small. One commonality he had at all his jobs though is that they always use MySQL.

    He’s an action junkie, preferring to have the latest version of the

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    Backups: A Video Presentation By Keith Murphy From the June 2008 Boston MySQL User Group
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    The Boston MySQL User Group was lucky enough to get Keith Murphy to speak at the June User Group meeting, about backups.

    Direct play the video at:

    Direct download the video (351 MB) at:

    Links referred to in the presentation:

    MyLVMBackup by Lenz Grimmer

    InnoDB Hot Backup:
    Prices are at:
    and at the time of this writing are:
    1-Year License ?

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    Horizontal Scaling with HiveDB
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    At the MySQL Conference & Expo 2008, Britt Crawford and Justin McCarthy, both from Cafepress.com, gave us a very interesting talk on scaling with HiveDB. I took a few notes (pasted below), their slides are online (warning: 6.1MB PDF), and if you’re after their abstract its available as well.

    I also took a video of them (refer to Slide 12, for the IRC conversation):

    The quick notes:

    • OLTP optimised (as it serves cafepress.com)
    • Cannot lock tables, or take it offline
    • Constant response time is more important than low latency (little slower query is ok, just
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    Video: Who is the Dick on My Site Keynote
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    I have already blogged about this keynote at http://www.pythian.com/blogs/948/liveblogging-who-is-the-dick-on-my-site.

    If you are interested in actually seeing the video, the 286 Mb .wmv file can be downloaded at http://technocation.org/videos/original/mysqlconf2008/2008_04_17_panelDick.wmv and played through your browser by clicking the “play” link at http://tinyurl.com/55c5ps. This is not to be missed!

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