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Zembly dives into Elections
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Zembly team has deployed a new application on Zembly called myPicks U.S. Election 2008.

Use this to voice your opinion on the campaign issues being debated in the U.S. Presidential Election - wherever you are in the world.

You can launch the game from:

While the frontend is running on Network.Com, the backend including the MySQL server is running on EC2 and data resides on S3

The game is available as a Facebook and MySpace App.

Some cool mashup. They use Dapper to convert some Election related URLs into a API and feed it into the Zembly code/widgets.

Good CloudComputing stuff, check it out!

OpenSolaris, Amazon, MySQL and Glassfish... Clouds Parting
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We made some big announcements this week at our annual developer forums, CommunityOne and JavaOne. I thought I'd highlight a couple in particular.

We announced the first commercial release of OpenSolaris - targeting high speed developers and development teams (not consumers...). OpenSolaris focuses on developers wanting to be freed from proprietary software models, who see innovation and automation in operating systems as a source of competitive advantage.

If Solaris 10, OpenSolaris's older brother, is for IT departments prioritizing carrier …

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