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Are You Part of OurSQL Events?
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OurSQL, the MySQL Database Community Podcast, lists events, conferences and training that are relevant to MySQLers around the world. Gerry and Sheeri get the information for events/conferences/training from Planet MySQL and Oracle, SkySQL and Percona websites. Often, webinars are posted to Planet MySQL a week or 2 before they happen, which is not enough lead time for the podcast. We usually record on Tuesdays and publish on Fridays, with the understanding that not everyone listens to the podcast on Friday. So on the podcast, we talk about events that are at least 1 week from publication date. For example, we are recording today (Tue 20 Nov) for a podcast that will be published Friday (23 Nov). We will talk about events, conferences and training that will happen Sunday, December 2nd or later.

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OurSQL Episode 110: The Key to 5.6
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This week we present the MySQL Connect Keynote: Community Perspective—Why Upgrade to MySQL 5.6. This is the entire keynote panel, featuring Sarah Novotny of Meteor Entertainment as the moderator, and panelists Giuseppe Maxia of Continuent, Domas Mituzas of Facebook, Sheeri Cabral of Mozilla and Mark Leith of Oracle. We discussed the main features we thought would be useful to us as well as the community.

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Slides of my HOL on MySQL Cluster
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Thanks everyone who attended my hands-on lab on MySQL Cluster at MySQL Connect last Saturday.

The following are the links for the slides, the HOL instructions, and the code examples.

I'll try to summarize my HOL below.

Aim of the HOL was to help attendees to familiarize with MySQL Cluster. In particular, by learning:
  • the basics of MySQL Cluster Architecture
  • the basics of MySQL Cluster Configuration and Administration

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    Herding Sphinxes to the SF-Bay MySQL Meetup – Oct. 11th
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    Calling all SF-Bay Area Sphinxes, Thursday, October 11, 2012 at 6:30 PM, Andrew Aksyonoff (CEO/Founder) will be speaking at the San Francisco MySQL Meetup.  He’ll take the audience into a world where Sphinx goes beyond ‘old-school’ fulltext search.  Into a reality where this unique engine performs blazing full-scans, easy multi-core and multi-box queries, and wicked (fast) [...]
    Getting Started with MySQL Cluster, Hands-on Lab, Next Saturday, MySQL Connect
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    I'm speaking at MySQL Connect next Saturday, Sep. 29. My Session is a hands-on lab (HOL) on MySQL Cluster (

    If you are interested in familiarize a bit with MySQL Cluster this is definitely a session for you.

    I will start by briefly introducing MySQL Cluster and its architecture. Then I will guide you through the needed steps to install a local MySQL Cluster, connect to it (using the command line), monitor its logs, and safe shutdown it.

    We will hence have a chance to see which are the most common commands using in MySQL Cluster

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    Optimising Web Servers
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    I was lucky enough to attend PyCon-AU recently and one talk in particular highlighted the process of web server optimisation.

    Graham Dumpleton’s add-in talk Web Server Bottlenecks And Performance Tuning available on YouTube (with the majority of PyCon-AU talks)

    The first big note at the beginning is that the majority of the delay in user’s perception of a website is caused by the browser rendering the page. Though not covered in the talk for those that haven’t used the tool YSlow (for Firefox and Chrome) or Google’s Developer

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    Sphinx events in New York City this fall
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    For some of you who situated near New York City I am happy to announce that you could attend two events related to leading Full-Text search engines in open source – Sphinx Search.

    First meeting organized by NYPHP meetup on Tuesday, September 25th at IBM, 590 Madison Avenue, New York. I’ll be speaking about search services in cloud environment and distributed search tips and tricks. Event is free, please RSVP.

    One week later on October 1st, I’ll be doing tutorial about MySQL and Sphinx “

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    Why you should attend Percona Live 2012
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    Read the original article at Why you should attend Percona Live 2012

    What I loved about Percona Live 2011 Last year I was excited to go to Percona Live for the first time in NYC. I arrived just in time to hear Harrison Fisk from Facebook speak about some of the awesome tweaks they’re running with MySQL there. It’s not everyday that you get to hear from [...]

    For more articles like these go to Sean Hull's Scalable Startups

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    Learn From MySQL Support Staff at MySQL Connect!
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    Members of the MySQL Support Team wear a number of different hats here at Oracle.  Obviously, our top priority is to provide amazing technical support that makes customers rave (" target="_blank).  We also have a team dedicated to processing bug reports from the MySQL Community.  Some of us are active bloggers or assist on mailing lists or forums, while others find other ways to contribute to the MySQL Community.  We help out with QA and product planning, write

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    OurSQL Episode 104: Making a Connection, part 2
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    This week we talk about sessions at MySQL Connect we think will be interesting to DBAs. Ear Candy is Python's Fabric library and command-line tool and At the Movies is Johan Andersson of Severalnines presenting Using MySQL as a NoSQL datastore - new featuers in MysQL Cluster 7.2 GA from the SkySQL solutions day back in April.

    FrOSCon will be held Saturday and Sunday, August 25th - 26th at the University of Applied Sciences Bonn-Rhein-Sieg in Germany. Registration is a small fee for personal attendees, only 5 euros. It is more for corporate attendees. There will be a MySQL and friends room this year, as in years past.

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