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What stopped MySQL? Tracing back signals sent to MySQL
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Have you ever had a case where you needed to find a process which sent a HUP/KILL/TERM or other signal to your database? Let me rephrase. Did you ever have to find which process messed up your night? If so, you might want to read on. I’m going to tell you how you can find it.

Granted, on small and/or meticulously managed systems tracking down the culprit is probably not a big deal. You can likely identify your process simply by checking what processes have enough privileges to send mysqld a HUP/KILL/TERM signal. However, frequently we see cases where this may not work or the …

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Shinguz: Rename MySQL Partition
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Before I forget it and have to search again here a short note about how to rename a MySQL Partition:

My dream:

ALTER TABLE history RENAME PARTITION p2015_kw10 INTO p2015_kw09;

In reality:

PARTITION p2015_kw09 VALUES LESS THAN (UNIX_TIMESTAMP('2015-03-02 00:00:00'))

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mysqlfailover – Installation and Operations tutorial
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1) Download the utilities. Python connector is a prerequisite and this needs to be installed along with mysql utilities rpm




2) Install the RPMs. “Mysqlfailover –help” will confirm the install of the utilities

rpm –ivh mysql-connector-python-2.0.2-1.el6.noarch.rpm

rpm -ivh mysql-utilities-1.5.3-1.el6.noarch.rpm


3) Set the …

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The design of the SCAN algorithm within one LDM instance
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As part of optimising scan execution by about 50% in MySQL Cluster 7.4
we made an effort to also write down a description of the scan protocol
locally within the LDM threads. This is documented in the source code of
MySQL Cluster 7.4 and here is an excerpt from the source code.

DBLQH controls the execution of scans on tables on behalf of DBTC and
DBSPJ. Here follows a signal overview of how a scan is performed within
one LDM instance. For a description of the global scan protocol
see DbtcMain.cpp as a comment before execSCAN_TABREQ.

DBLQH only controls execution of a …

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Handling hierarchy and travesing Social networks in MySQL with OQGraph
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From time to time we detect query patterns that are not well fitted to the BTree+ structures provided by InnoDB. One such situation is when you need to traverse a hierarchy (tree) or graph structure with many nodes. Specialist databases exist for this such as Neo4J. However there exists a simple solution in the form of  OQGraph which is distributed with MariaDB and is documented …

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MariaDB 10.1.3 Overview and Highlights
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MariaDB 10.1.3 was recently released, and is available for download here:

This is the 1st beta, and 4th overall, release of MariaDB 10.1, so there are a lot of new changes, functionalities added, defaults changed, and many bugs fixed (I counted 420 – 117 in 10.1.2 & 637 in 10.1.1, fwiw).

Since it’s beta, I’ll only cover the major changes and additions, and omit covering general bug fixes (feel free to browse them all here). …

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MySQL 5.6.23 Overview and Highlights
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MySQL 5.6.23 was recently released (it is the latest MySQL 5.6, is GA), and is available for download here.

For this release, there is 1 “Security Note”, 3 “Functionality Changed”, and 5 “Compilation Notes”, all benign, but let me address them:

  1. Security Note: The linked OpenSSL library for the MySQL Commercial Server has been updated from version 1.0.1j to version 1.0.1k. Issues fixed in the new version are described at …
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MariaDB 5.5.42 Overview and Highlights
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MariaDB 5.5.42 was recently released (it is the latest MariaDB 5.5), and is available for download here:

This is a maintenance release, and so there were not too many changes at all and only 3 changes (enhancements) I felt noteworthy:

  • The new version of the Audit Plugin is 1.2 is included with the following new features:
    • In the audit log passwords are now masked, i.e. the password characters are replaced with asterisks.
    • It’s now possible to filter logging to include …
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MySQL 5.5.42 Overview and Highlights
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MySQL 5.5.42 was recently released (it is the latest MySQL 5.5, is GA), and is available for download here:

This release, similar to the last 5.5 release, is mostly uneventful.

There were only 3 “Functionality Added or Changed” bugs this time, all related to SSL, and only 9 bugs overall fixed.

Out of the 9 bugs, there were 2 InnoDB bugs, and 1 replication bug, all of which seemed rather minor or obscure. Here are the ones worth noting:

  • Support for the SSL 2.0 and SSL 3.0 protocols has …
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How to test if CVE-2015-0204 FREAK SSL security flaw affects you
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The CVE-2015-0204 FREAK SSL vulnerability abuses intentionally weak “EXPORT” ciphers which could be used to perform a transparent Man In The Middle attack. (We seem to be continually bombarded with not only SSL vulnerabilities but the need to name vulnerabilities with increasing odd names.)

Is your server vulnerable?

This can be tested using the following GIST

If the result is 0; the server is not providing the EXPORT cipher; and as such is not vulnerable.

Is your client vulnerable? …

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