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how innodb lost its advantage
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For years it was very easy to defend InnoDB’s advantage over competition – covering index reads were saving I/O operations and CPU everywhere, table space and I/O management allowed to focus on database and not on file systems or virtual memory behaviors, and for past few years InnoDB compression was the way to have highly efficient OLTP (or in our case – SGTP – Social Graph Transaction Processing) environments. Until one day (for some it came sooner, for others later)…

InnoDB team announced that it will change how it is going to do compression in the future and that old ways (that we rely on) will be all gone. I’m not exactly sure if there was any …

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InnoDB locks and deadlocks with or without index for different isolation level
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Recently, I was working on one of the issue related to locks and deadlocks with InnoDB tables and I found very interesting details about how InnoDB locks and deadlocks works with or without index for different Isolation levels.

Here, I would like to describe a small test case about how SELECT ..FOR UPDATE (with and without limit) behave with INSERT/UPDATE and with READ-COMMITED and REPEATABLE-READ Isolation levels. I’m creating a small table data_col with few records. Initially, this test case was written by …

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Implications of TLS plans for third-party products
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As I wrote earlier, we want the default experience in MySQL 5.7 to be secure by default.  Part of this includes securing connections by automatically creating key material and using TLS for connections where possible.  This may have some significant implications for third-party software – especially products which depend upon capturing, evaluating and/or redirecting client/server traffic at the network level.  This blog post is intended to highlight for developers and users of such products potential issues they may want to …

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pquery binaries with statically included client libs now available!
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After we released pquery to the community, and as we started logging bug reports with pquery testcases, it quickly became clear that pquery binaries with statically compiled-in client libraries would be of great convenience, both for ourselves and for the community.

(If you haven’t heard about pquery yet, read the pquery introduction blog post, come and join the …

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MySQL Group Replication – mysql-5.7.6-labs-group-replication
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Hi all, a few months have passed since our first preview release of MySQL Group Replication. Now is the time for the second preview release of MySQL Group Replication, the plugin that brings multi-master update everywhere to MySQL, as described in Hello World post.

Introduced changes User interface changes

After receiving plenty of feedback and continuing to pursue a more integrated look and feel with MySQL, we have given the user interface a facelift. Some of the changes are:

  • The plugin has been renamed to …
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JSON Labs Release: Effective Functional Indexes in InnoDB
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In MySQL 5.7.6, we added a new feature called Generated Columns. In the initial work all Generated Columns were materialized, even virtual ones. This not only resulted in unnecessary disk space being used and disk I/O being done, but it also meant that any …

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SSL/TLS in MySQL 5.7
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MySQL 5.7 aims to be the most secure MySQL Server release ever, and that means some significant changes in SSL/TLS.  This post aims to tie together individual enhancements introduced over the span of several Development Milestone Releases (DMRs) into the larger initiative.  In the simplest terms, we hope to have a minimal TLS configuration enabled by default, and for connections to prefer TLS by default.  Let’s dig into the various aspects of this:

Generation of TLS key material

MySQL Server has long supported TLS connections, yet very few deployments are actually configured to leverage this.  This is partly because creation …

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Secondary Indexes on XML BLOBs in MySQL 5.7
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When storing XML documents in a BLOB or TEXT column there was no way to create indexes on individual XML elements or attributes. With the new auto generated columns in MySQL 5.7 (1st Release Candidate available now!) this has changed! Let me give you an example. Let's work on the following table:

 mysql> SELECT * FROM country\G  
*************************** 1. row ***************************

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Building a better CREATE USER command
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Prior to MySQL 5.7, the CREATE USER command had a number of limitations:

  • No way to set both authentication plugin and password
  • No way to disable a user
  • No way to define user resource limitations
  • No way to set a non-default password expiration policy
  • No way to require SSL/x509

All of these things could be done through other means, but typically involved other statements, such as GRANT commands.  Starting with MySQL 5.7.6, these can all be done through a new and improved CREATE USER syntax:

Passwords and authentication plugin …

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Audit MySQL? no just Crash it :)
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Auditing maybe the main part of a corporate structure that wants to know everything.
Searching for MySQL auditing plugins we come up to 3 known plugins:

1. MySQL Enterprise Audit (Official one from Oracle) – commercial

2. MariaDB audit plugin for MySQL (version 1.1.6) – free

3. McAfee MySQL audit  plugin – free

With a great happiness tried to test this plugins.

But wait i don’t want to crash my MySQL just want to install and use these plugins.
Let’s begin with MariaDB audit plugin for MySQL — at this time the latest version is 1.1.6
With a great effort in SkySQL site they …

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