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MySQL Cluster Asynchronous Replication – conflict detection & resolution
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I was rooting through past blog entries and I stumbled accross a draft post on setting up multi-master (update anywhere) asynchronous replication for MySQL Cluster. The post never quite got finished and published and while the material is now 4 years old it may still be helpfull to some and so I’m posting it now. Note that a lot has happened with MySQL Cluster in the last 4 years and in this area, the most notable change has been the Enhanced conflict …

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MySQL Cluster 7.3.2 is released on E-delivery
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The binary version for MySQL Cluster 7.3.2 has now been made available at (GPL version) or Oracle’s Software Delivery Cloud for the commercial version.

A description of all of the changes (fixes) that have gone into MySQL Cluster 7.3.2 (compared to 7.3.1) is available from the 7.3.2 Change log.

MySQL Cluster 7.3 is now Generally Available – an overview
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MySQL Cluster 7.3 has now been declared GA! This means that you can deploy it in your live systems and get support from Oracle.

This post briefly describes the main new features in the release; for a deeper dive, refer to the What’s new in MySQL Cluster 7.3 white paper and the more specialised blog posts that you’ll find links to from this post.

I’ll …

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Foreign Keys in MySQL Cluster
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Foreign Key constraints between tables

The newly announced GA of MySQL Cluster 7.3 (7.3.2) builds upon second DMR (7.3.1 m2) released earlier in the year which added Foreign Keys to MySQL Cluster. Foreign Keys is a feature requested by many, many people and has often been cited as the reason for not being able to replace InnoDB with MySQL Cluster when they needed the extra availability or scalability.

Note that this post is an up-version of the original …

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“MySQL & Friends devroom” at FOSDEM 2013
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The Free and Open source Software Developers’ European Meeting (FOSDEM) is a two-day event organized by volunteers to promote the widespread use of Free and Open Source software. As in previous years, there is a dedicated stream of MySQL Sessions. On Saturday (2nd Feb) evening there’s a MySQL community dinner and then we’ve a …

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MySQL Cluster Manager 1.2 – using the new features
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Oracle have just announced that MySQL Cluster Manager 1.2 is Generally Available. For anyone not familiar with MySQL Cluster Manager – it’s a command-line management tool that makes it simpler and safer to manage your MySQL Cluster deployment – use it to create, configure, start, stop, upgrade…. your cluster.

So what has changed since MCM 1.1 …

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MySQL Cluster 7.1.23 has been released
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The binary & source versions for MySQL Cluster 7.1.23 have now been made available at (GPL version) or (commercial version).

A description of all of the changes (fixes) that have gone into MySQL Cluster 7.1.23 (compared to 7.1.22) are available from the 7.1.23 Change log.

MySQL Cluster 7.2.7 released
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The binary version for MySQL Cluster 7.2.7 has now been made available at (GPL version) or (commercial version).

A description of all of the changes (fixes) that have gone into MySQL Cluster 7.2.7 (compared to 7.2.6) are available from the 7.2.7 Change log.

MySQL Cluster : Delivering Breakthrough Performance (upcoming webinar)
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MySQL Cluster partitioning key

I’ll be presenting a webinar covering MySQL Cluster performance on Thursday, July 26. As always, the webinar will be free but you’ll need to register here – you’ll then also receive a link to the charts and a recording of the session after the …

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Upcoming conferences to learn more about MySQL Cluster & Replication
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There are a couple of conferences coming up where you can expect to learn about the latest developments in MySQL Cluster and MySQL Replication (as well as what else is happening in MySQL 5.6).

The first is the Oracle MySQL Innovation Day which is being held in Oracle HQ at Redwood Shores. This is an all-day event on 5th June – unfortunately I won’t be able to attend this one but there will be lots of great Cluster and replication sessions. If you can’t make it out to California then there will be …

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