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A discussion about sync-master-info and other replication parameters
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Some time ago, feedback was requested on new replication default after MySQL 5.7.  Some of the suggested default are:

relay-log-info-repository = TABLE (previous default FILE) relay-log-recovery = ON (previous default OFF) master-info-repository = TABLE (previous default FILE) sync-master-info = 1,000 (previous default 10,000) sync-relay-log = 1,000 (previous default 10,000)

I agree on the

MySQL Group Replication: securing the perimeter!
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Hi all, here is a new post following the blog series on the last MySQLvGroup Replication labs release which already presented: 1) the new features; 2) most asked questions; 3) summary of behaviour and configuration changes; and 4) the performance improvements.…

Tuning MySQL Group Replication for fun… and profit!
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Group Replication introduces a new way to do replication in MySQL. With great features such as multi-master replication it brings a range of exciting deployment scenarios where some difficult problems become much easier to solve. Group Replication also brings a new set of options that may need to be configured to extract the highest performance from the underlying computing resources.…

Announcing: MySQL Utilities release-1.6.4 GA
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The MySQL Utilities Team is pleased to announce a new GA release of MySQL Utilities. This release includes a number of improvements for usability, stability, and a few enhancements for better compatibility with MySQL 5.7. A complete list of all improvements can be found in our release notes.

Many Improvements!
This release represents a stable release of the product and is a significant improvement from the 1.5 release. Along with defect patches, we also include the following enhancements.

  • Support for …

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MySQL Group Replication for 5.7.14
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Hi everyone! It has been some time since the last MySQL Group Replication labs release was out. But the team has not been sitting on its hands. As such, it is time for a new labs release with new features, bug fixes and improvements across the board.…

Fun with Bugs #44 - Community Bugs Fixed in MySQL 5.7.14
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MySQL 5.7.14 was officially released yesterday. So, it's time to check what bugs reported by MySQL Community in public were fixed in this release. Some of these bugs are presented below.

As usual, let me start with InnoDB. The following bugs were fixed there:

  • Bug #80296 - "FTS query exceeds result cache limit". It was reported (for 5.6, but I do not see new 5.6 release notes yet) by Monty Solomon and verified by …

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Rescuing a crashed pt-online-schema-change with pt-archiver
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This article discusses how to salvage a crashed pt-online-schema-change by leveraging pt-archiver and executing queries to ensure that the data gets accurately migrated. I will show you how to continue the data copy process, and how to safely close out the pt-online-schema-change via manual operations such as RENAME TABLE and DROP TRIGGER commands. The normal process to recover from a crashed pt-online-schema-change is to drop the …

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Fun with Bugs #43 - Bugs Fixed in MySQL 5.7.13
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For some reason I do not see numerous public announcements about recent MySQL 5.7.13 release, even though it happened a couple of days ago formally. Maybe that's because we do not have any really "big" new features in this release (new ->> operator for introduced though for those who, unlike me, care about JSON). Still there are many fixes for bugs previously reported by Community (or Oracle engineers, but still in …

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The differences between IDEMPOTENT and AUTO-REPAIR mode
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I posted recently Lossless RBR for MySQL 8.0 about a concern I have about moving to minimal RBR in MySQL 8.0.  This seems to be the direction that Oracle is considering, but I am not sure it is a good idea as a default setting. I talked about a hypothetical new replication mode lossless RBR and also about … Continue reading The differences between IDEMPOTENT and AUTO-REPAIR mode

pt-online-schema-change (if misused) can’t save the day
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In this blog post we’ll discuss pt-online-schema-change, and how to correctly use it.

Always use pt-osc?

Altering large tables can be still a problematic DBA task, even now after we’ve improved Online DDL features in MySQL 5.6 and 5.7. Some ALTER types are still not online, or sometimes just too expensive to execute on busy production master.

So in some cases, we may want to apply an


 first on slaves, taking them out of traffic pool one by one and bringing them back …

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