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Fedora Install of MySQL
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I built a new image on VMWare Fusion for my class, which required installing MySQL 5.6 on Fedora, Version 20. If you don’t know how to add your user to the sudoers list, you should check this older and recently updated blog post.

  • Download the MySQL Yum Repository and launch the downloaded RPM.
  • Install MySQL on Fedora, Version 20, which you can find with the following command:
  • shell> rpm -qa | grep mysql

    The fc20-5 changes with point releases, but assuming that you’re installing the fc20-5 release:

    shell> sudo yum localinstall mysql-community-release-fc20-5.noarch
  • Install MySQL on Fedora with the following command:
  • shell> sudo yum install mysql-server
  • Start the MySQL service on Fedora with the following command:
  • shell> sudo service mysqld start
  • Secure the MySQL installation with the following command:
  • shell> mysql_secure_installation
  • Set the MySQL Service to start with the Fedora operating system with the following command (not chkconfig):
  • shell> sudo systemctl enable mysqld.service

    Restart the Fedora operating system to effect the changes.

  • Reset the MySQL configuration file to enable external connections through Port 3306 with the following changes to the my:
  • Remark out the socket line, like this:


    Add the bind-address and port lines below after you know the actual IP address of the server to the my.cnf file in the /etc directory.

    You substitute the actual IP address for the nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn on the bind_address line with the actual IP address returned by the ifconfig command, like this:

    shell> ifconfig

    Then, add these two lines to the my.cnf file.

  • Restart the mysqld service with the following syntax:
  • shell> sudo service mysqld restart

    You can check whether MySQL is listening on Port 3306 with this syntax:

    shell> sudo netstat –anp | grep 3306


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