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Strawberry Perl – A Great Perl Option for Windows MySQL Users
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A few months ago I wrote an article geared towards MySQL Windows users on using ActiveState Perl in order to run various MySQL scripts. It was kind of a pain to get set up properly for MySQL usage, hence requiring a write-up in the first place.

But now I’d just like to inform all Windows MySQL users that using Strawberry Perl for your Perl needs is much easier than Active State Perl.

Simply install it. That’s it. No need to worry about later locating and installing the Perl DBI and DBD:MySQL modules, as they’re automatically installed. How refreshing!

You can download Strawberry Perl from here:

I downloaded the latest GA version:, double-clicked on the installer, installed it, and ran the MySQL scripts immediately.

It doesn’t get any easier than that. (I even went ahead and uninstalled Active State Perl altogether.)

In fact, here is the quote on their home page:

“When I’m on Windows, I use Strawberry Perl” — Larry Wall

And for reference, here is my new mysqldumpslow output from using the new Strawberry Perl (just to show it’s the exact same as my previous example):

C:> -v -s at ..\data\Chris-PC-slow.log

Reading mysql slow query log from ..\data\Chris-PC-slow.log
Count: 1  Time=0.00s (0s)  Lock=0.00s (0s)  Rows=5.0 (5), root[root]@localhost
  select * from t;
  C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server N.N\bin\mysqld-nt. started with:
  TCP Port: N, Named Pipe: MySQL

Count: 1  Time=0.00s (0s)  Lock=0.00s (0s)  Rows=0.0 (0), 0users@0hosts
  C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server N.N\bin\mysqld-nt. started with:
  TCP Port: N, Named Pipe: MySQL
  # Time: N N:N:N
  # User@Host: root[root] @ localhost [N.N.N.N]
  # Query_time: N  Lock_time: N  Rows_sent: N  Rows_examined: N
  use test99;
  select * from t



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