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OurSQL Episode 61: Security Blankets, Part 2
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We go over the open calls for papers, upcoming conferences, conversations with Oracle, and finish up our 2-part series on MySQL security.

Calls for papers:
Call for papers for Percona Live: MySQL Conference & Expo 2012 is open! They opened it on Friday, September 15th and the call will close on Monday, December 5th. The MySQL Conference & Expo is Tuesday April 10 - Thursday, April 12, 2012 in Santa Clara, CA.

To submit a paper, first register as a speaker at

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OurSQL Episode 60: Charming Data
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This week we talk with Giuseppe Maxia (pronouncing his name correctly!) about new features in Tungsten replicator, and go over a lot of news.

There was a lot of news this week! There were three really big announcements at Oracle OpenWorld that relate to the MySQL community:

Oracle released a NoSQL database.

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OurSQL Episode 59: Security Blankets, Part 1
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Collaborate Call for papers is open until Sunday October 14th -
Collaborate is an Oracle Technology and Applications conference put on by IOUG, OAUG and Quest. It is the largest independent Oracle conference, and we are planning on having a one-day track there. Collaborate is at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada from Sunday April 22nd - Thursday 26th, 2012.

Call for papers for Percona Live: MySQL Conference & Expo 2012 is open! They opened it on Friday, September 15th and …

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OurSQL Episode 57: Eventual Discovery part 2
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This week we have feedback about Gazzang - Gazzang is using encryptfs for their encryption. According to their launchpad project page at, "eCryptfs is a POSIX-compliant enterprise-class stacked cryptographic filesystem for Linux".

The main topic is the 2nd part of events:

What events log and where the event logs are
How errors show up in the error log
How events and their actions get logged to the binary logs (aka events and replication), including how the "ignore" …

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OurSQL Episode 56: Eventual Discovery part 1
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This week is all about events - events in MySQL, and calls for papers for 2012 conferences.

Percona Live MySQL Conference & Expo call for papers opens soon.

A session matrix for all of the MySQL sessions at Oracle OpenWorld is at

MySQL Community Reception (free, no need to be registered to Oracle OpenWorld) - Tuesday, October 4, 2011 …

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OurSQL Episode 53: MySQL 5.6 at OSCon Data
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This week we speak with Calvin Sun, the Development Manager of the InnoDB Team, and has been working on InnoDB at MySQL and Oracle for 5 years. He mentions that not only is the InnoDB team hiring, but nobody has left the InnoDB team in several years, so the team is very stable.

We grabbed Calvin at OSCon Data, where Oracle announced the new features of MySQL 5.6 released on Remember that the labs releases …

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OurSQL Episode 52: Database Theory ABC
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At this year's Open Source Bridge in Portland last month, Eric Redmond presented 'A Dozen Databases in 45 minutes'. It’s really about 20 minutes of theory and 25 minutes of the dozen databases, so for this first of a 2-part series, we present the theoretical side of things.

ACID - atomicity, consistency, isolation, durability
BASE- basically available, soft state, …

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OurSQL Episode 46: It's About Time
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This week we talk about time formats and time zones in MySQL - including how changing the system time changes TIMESTAMP values but not DATETIME values. We also talk about how to handle and store microseconds in MySQL.

From the MySQL manual:
date and time types
TIMESTAMP properties and how it is stored in UTC transparently in the database

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OurSQL Episode 44: Elemental Replication (Tungsten, that is)
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Last week's podcast, containing an overview of replication

This week we have Robert Hodges, CEO of Continuent, talking about the Tungsten replicator, which has an open source component with global transaction id's and can be used for many features, including high availability and replication to systems other than MySQL. Tungsten Replicator won …

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OurSQL Episode 42: The Buzz about MySQL 5.6
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This week we talk about what's new in MySQL 5.6 and the return of We also feature people's reactions to the 5.6 announcement and a special song by Solomon Chang (lyrics below).

Show notes:
If you want to see it for youreslf, there is a video from the O'Reilly Conference of Tomas Ulin's Keynote, "State of the …

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