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Prelim Memoright SSD Tests
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I picked up what some claim is the fastest of the current SSD drives this week, the Memoright GT.  From articles around the net I have seen performance speeds substantially faster then the mtron drive I tested earlier…. so I took the plunge.  The first results?  luke warm.  The random performance ( databases like mysql are all about random performance )  of the drive is better in mixed read/write tests over the mtron, but the mtron blew it away in random read performance.  This are are my first pass tests, so I may have something wrong …  so take them with a grain of salt:

Req Per Second
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Changing platforms
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It's been a while since the last post. This is mostly due to me entering new territory in several ways. For one, I have been digging into JavaME development lately (platform change #1), building a mobile data entry and manipulation application that uses a an embedded database and talks to its server via Webservices, if connected. Otherwise data will be queued up locally and sent as soon as the

A New Hardware-Based Approach to Data Warehousing
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My name is Ravi Krishnamurthy - I am the Chief Software Architect here at Kickfire. I’ll be blogging about our thoughts on database technologies for data warehousing. More specifically I’ll be talking about current challenges, directions going forward, and the simplifications for wider market deployments and other ideas.

Data Warehouse (DW) queries are known to be more complex, more demanding, and longer running than OLTP queries. Some of the distinctive features of these DW queries that produce these characteristics are:

1) Table scan: Most OLTP queries are point queries updating or inserting a few transactional data. Most DW queries on the other hand …

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More Sun SSD Stuff
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A couple more articles I saw posted out on the web on Sun’s new SSD offerings.  In the The official press release…  their are very scant details on the sun offerings right now.  But the official release says:

“Sun is already shipping Solaris ZFS software optimized for SSD technologies through the OpenSolaris(TM) community and is the first major systems vendor to add an end-to-end Flash-based disk product line to its portfolio, leapfrogging competitors and giving customers 3x better performance at one-fifth the energy consumption …

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Follow up to my Common Disk Issues
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Ahh seems like a few people do take the time to read my blog:) Peter Z Commented here on my common disk performance mistakes post. He makes some great arguments, and you may want to give it a read. While he does not agree with everything I say it is interesting to see his views. Remember different folks have different experiences and a lot of times there are multiple roads on the path the performance nirvana.

Let me start off saying I wholly admit that saying “everything” is a disk issue is a dramatic exaggeration. And i did not specifically say disk, I said “The …

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Good Database Design is Mightier than Hardware
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Have you ever heard the one about throwing hardware at a software problem? In one of my previous blog posts, I mentioned something along the lines of?well I’ll just cut and paste . . . In my experience, the solution to most problems (the ones the caller refers to as “it’s running slow”) are not rooted in [...]

Comparing 32-bit/64-bit MySQL on OpenSolaris
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I’ve been working with the folks working on OpenSolaris for a few months now providing advice and input on getting MySQL and the connectors (C/ODBC and C/J) installed as a standard component. Having got the basics in, the team are now looking at adding both 32-bit and 64-bit packages.

The question raised at the end of last week was whether OpenSolaris should enable 64-bit builds by default in 64-bit installations, and whether there was a noticeable performance difference that would make this worthwhile.

I did some initial tests on Friday which showed that there was a small increase (10-15%) of the packaged 64-bit installations …

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sunfire gets a bit of a slap
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and doesn’t seem to take it too nicely :-(

I decided to install the mysql beta on my laptop (Mac Intel @2G ram and 2GHZdual core) and my sunfire (@8G ram and 16 1GHZ Ultrasparcs).

(I have it installed on a x86-64 box as well, but that machine is busy at the moment)..

so for a quick sanity check I ran mysqlslap to see how it performs.

I chose to simulate a 20 concurrent users

sunfire$ mysqlslap -psunfire -c 20 -i 20
        Average number of seconds to run all queries: 1.714 seconds
        Minimum number of seconds to run all queries: 0.941 seconds
        Maximum number of seconds to run all queries: …
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VMware sets VMware Server GSX Free (as in beer)
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Here’s a great thing for those who need to work with multiple platforms, VMware today announced that they are dropping VMware Server GSX and replacing it with the free (as in beer) VMware Server.

A press release on the change can be found at

A product page for VMware Server is available at

VMware Server is the second offering from VMware, the first being …

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A new Machine
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In order to better document MySQL on Mac, I have recently acquired a Mac Mini. This brings my collection of desktop machines to three:

The black machine is a Windows box, the white machine runs Linux, and now a Mac Mini.

The new addition closer up:

This is the first Mac I have had regular use of, so I am sure I have some learning to do. For now I just need to get MySQL and the GUI tools installed, then find where they hide the command-line.

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