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FOSDEM Call For Participation opened - submit your talks now!
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FOSDEM, the Free and Opensource Conference, will again take place in Brussels, Belgium on Saturday and Sunday (6th and 7th February, 2010). Now happening for the 10th time (congratulations!), it is one of the largest Open Source conferences in Europe, with a strong focus on developers. Sun/MySQL have been regular sponsors of and contributors to the event in the past and it is alway a great experience to be there. It's very rare to meet so many well-known and bright people from such a wide range of OSS projects.

They have now opened their …

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MySQL@FOSDEM 2009: a summary
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Now that FOSDEM 2009 in Brussels, Belgium is over, it's about time for a conclusion/summary. I've been to FOSDEM for about five times as both an attendee and speaker, but this year I was much more involved. On Saturday, I gave a lightning talk about "Why you should use Bazaar for maintaining your OSS project". On Sunday, I gave a talk about "MySQL High Availability Solutions" in the main conference track. …

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Video interview with Jack Adams at #fosdem
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This was an interview Jack Adams did with me at the MySQL/OpenSolaris booth at FOSDEM last weekend. Jack adams is an OpenSolaris mascotte, look around on YouTube for more funny interviews with him.

The Story Repeats
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I covered this one before .. but as it struck twiced today .. I think it's worth repeating. Both my collegue Karl and Trent ran into the same problem , within hours hours of eachother, a missing or failing reverse dns mapping that caused performance issues .. and a lot of log entries..

Karl denies having a second life in Perth but I`m not really sure about that ...

But I guess they both have to agree... Everything is a fscking DNS problem. …

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FOSDEM ‘09: A visual and verbal report
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Welcome to FOSDEM!” Well, FOSDEM ended on Sunday, but I’d like to provide you with a short recap of my Q&A and Roadmap presentation. Warning: I may go into more visual detail than verbal. This is because reports from the community, OlinData and Philippe Back as well as twitterings by Ulf Wendel already post most of what I said. …

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Database sharding at Netlog (FOSDEM talk slides)
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Here are the slides from yesterday’s presentation about horizontal database scaling through sharding at the mySQL dev room at FOSDEM 2009.

I’ve got a ton of notes and remarks to these slides, which will become available here soon.

MySQL Presentation on Slideshare
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I just got mail that my presentation on MySQL Monitoring ShootOut is currently being showcased on the 'Technology' page by the slideshare editorial team.

It's likely to be there for the next 16-20 hours...

Thnx folks !

Technorati Tags: fosdem presentation

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Monitoring MySQL
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The slides for my Monitoring MySQL talk , which I gave earlier today in an overcrowded MySQl Developersroom at Fosdem are now online, both at my site and at Slideshare

As of now I actually expect people to use those slides for schoolwork or next year in a main Fosdem track :)
As afterall that is the goal of Open Source and spreading the word ..


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Feedback on MySQL Cluster talk at FOSDEM?
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Today I gave an introduction talk of MySQL Cluster at FOSDEM 2009 in Brussels. The room was full and I didn't see anyone dozing!
A good feedback later on was to show more usecases. This a good point and I think on working on a talk showing less how it works, but how it can be used. Doing both technical details and use-cases is hard to do in 50 mintes.
I feedback is appriciated!

BTW, slide will eventually come online somewhere..

Semi-live blog from Q&A with Sun/MySQL VP of community
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Here’s  my sort of transcript of the most important things that were said during the Q&A with Kaj Arno at FOSDEM09. If you have any questions (or corrections if you were there and think i misinterpreted) please use the comments. It is virtually unedited, so it’s rough but I don’t have the time right now to [...]

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