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General: new site theme based on Twitter Bootstrap
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Just a quick note to say that the site has been updated to a new theme which is based on the super awesome Twitter Bootstrap UI framework. To make life easier, since this site is also using WordPress at the core, I’ve made use of the WordPress Bootstrap plugin which allows for very simple integration. However, that wasn’t enough because the Bootstrap plugin comes with rather basic and boring generic styles; so I added the plugin for Google Font support and then modified the CSS accordingly.

You will also notice that the site is undergoing some reorganization of categories and content tags. This should help clean up search results as

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MariaDB Foundation to Safeguard Leading Open Source Database
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  • Michael ‘Monty’ Widenius, David Axmark, and Allan Larsson announce MariaDB Foundation
  • Leading organizations pledge EUR1M to launch not-for-profit organization
  • Further sponsors sought; Board elections to be held February 2013

Percona Live Conference, London – December 4, 2012 –The founders of the most popular databases on the web, Michael Widenius, David Axmark, and Allan Larsson today announced the formation of the MariaDB Foundation. “MariaDB continues the project started 18 years ago when we founded MySQL, with code maintained by the same dedicated core team. The time is right for an independent organisation to to safeguard the interests of MariaDB users and developers as we head towards MariaDB 10” said David Axmark.

“The MariaDB Foundation has the

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Monty Program & SkySQL release the MariaDB Client Library for C and MariaDB Client Library for Java Applications
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Connectors now available to the MySQL® community as part of the MariaDB open source project

Helsinki – November 29, 2012 – Monty Program, the home of MariaDB, owned by MySQL®-database-creator Monty Widenius and its employees, and SkySQL, the trusted provider of open source database solutions, today announced the immediate availability of their connectors, ‘MariaDB Client Library for C and MariaDB Client Library for Java Applications’, to the wider MySQL® database community in the permissive LGPL licence.

With this announcement, the connectors become part of the wider MariaDB open source project, to which users will be able to contribute via relevant online

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OurSQL Episode 115: Do You Make the Grade (part 4)?
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This week, we continue our series going through the Operations Report Card as it applies to database administrators. This week in Ear Candy, we talk about a hidden client value for max_allowed_packet (separate from the session variable). In At the Movies, we present Karen Tegan Padir of Enterprise DB presenting The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same.

Oracle's "Scale with MySQL" seminars:
Madrid, Tuesday 27 November

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Announcing MariaDB 10.0.0 Alpha
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The MariaDB project is pleased to announce the immediate availability of MariaDB 10.0.0! This is an alpha release.

MariaDB 10.0 is the current development version of MariaDB. It is built on the MariaDB 5.5 series with backported features from MySQL 5.6 and entirely new features not found anywhere else. See “Explanation on MariaDB 10.0″ and “What comes in between MariaDB now and MySQL 5.6?” for more information on why we’re calling this series “MariaDB 10.0″.

This is the first 10.0-based release, and we are releasing it now to get it into the hands of any who might want to test it. Not all features planned for

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OurSQL Episode 114: Do You Make the Grade (part 3)?
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This week we continue part 3 of the Operations Report Card and how it relates to database administration. This week we talk about the section on "Operational Practices", and it covers how operations are run. In Ear Candy we present different tools for finding a machine's external IP address, and in At the Movies we present a video about MySQL Security from when Sheeri was touring Latin America in July.

Webyog's blog noted that the OurSQL blog/podcast was among the Top MySQL Blogs You Should Be

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OurSQL Episode 112: Do You Make the Grade (part 2)?
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This week, we go through the "Modern Team Practices" part of the Operations Report Card, and how it applies to DBAs.

Oracle's "Scale with MySQL" seminars:
Scale with MySQL Seminar, London, Tuesday 30 October
Bucharest Romania, Tuesday 13 November
Madrid, Tuesday 27 November

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MariaDB non-blocking client API and node.js
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Last Summer I implemented a non-blocking client API in MariaDB, and it was included in the MariaDB 5.5 release. But somehow I never got around to announcing it.

However, that did not prevent Brian White from noticing it, and using it to implement a new mysql binding for node.js called mariasql.

Now, node.js is a single-threaded, event-driven framework for web application sever development. In such frameworks, all I/O is done non-blocking or asynchronously, as are all other actions that may need to wait for external events. There is a single event loop which uses a poll() or similar system call to wait for any pending I/O or other event to complete, and then dispatches the appropriate event handler(s). Such frameworks are often

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Making it easier to follow and participate in MariaDB development
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In June, I told about the consolidation of the MariaDB project tools. The final piece of this consolidation, to report bugs in the MariaDB project tracking tool called JIRA has now been finalized.

Bug reporting stays open! JIRA is open to anyone. The bug reports are publicly available, even without logging in and as a bonus it will be easier to follow what is going on in the project since you don’t have to jump between several tools to get the complete picture.

All bugs that existed in Launchpad have been migrated to JIRA. To find a bug that was originally reported on Launchpad use the following approaches:

  • If you happen to have the original bug id you can search for the bug by typing lp:bugid into the search field in
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Saturday at MySQL Connect
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The first day of the first MySQL Connect conference is done.  It's been a busy day!  Many attendees are interested in the new MySQL Server 5.6 release, but of course MySQL Cluster is the main draw here.  After a session from Oracle on the new features in 7.2, and early access features in 7.3, I attended Santo Leto's MySQL Cluster 'hands on lab'.  Despite having started more clusters than most, it felt like a new and exciting experience installing and running my cluster alongside everyone else.  The lab machines had some networking issues, but with Santo's help we seamlessly failed-over to some downloads he'd prepared earlier - very professional!

Afterwards it was my turn to talk on the subject of MySQL Cluster performance.  The quality of the questions was

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Announcing the Cassandra Storage Engine
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We’re pleased to announce the first preview version of the Cassandra Storage Engine!

The Cassandra Storage Engine (SE) allows access to Cassandra databases from MariaDB/MySQL, and to provide data integration between the SQL and NoSQL worlds.

Have you ever needed to

  • grab some of Cassandra’s data from your web frontend, or SQL query?
  • insert a few records into Cassandra from some part of your app?

With Cassandra SE, this is easily possible. Cassandra SE makes Cassandra’s column families appear as MariaDB/MySQL tables that you can insert to, update, and select from. You can perform joins on Cassandra data, or againist data in Cassandra and data in MariaDB.

Today we’re releasing a source tarball, as

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MariaDB Directions
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Infor announced this week, that they will provide open source database alternatives to some of their products. MariaDB has been chosen, tested, and certified by Infor to be the open source database of choice (together with MySQL) for the Infor LN and ION products. Infor LN is Infor’s flagship ERP and is sometimes better known by its former name, Baan. It has 25 years of manufacturing know-how built into it and is used by more than 5,000 companies worldwide in a wide range of industries. These include automotive, industrial equipment and machinery, high tech and electronics, and aerospace and defense. This is a big stamp of approval that even the most critical systems can be run on MariaDB.

In other news, there are currently several really interesting paths coming together into some important

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Herding Sphinxes to the SF-Bay MySQL Meetup – Oct. 11th
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Calling all SF-Bay Area Sphinxes, Thursday, October 11, 2012 at 6:30 PM, Andrew Aksyonoff (CEO/Founder) will be speaking at the San Francisco MySQL Meetup.  He’ll take the audience into a world where Sphinx goes beyond ‘old-school’ fulltext search.  Into a reality where this unique engine performs blazing full-scans, easy multi-core and multi-box queries, and wicked (fast) [...]
Sphinx events in New York City this fall
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For some of you who situated near New York City I am happy to announce that you could attend two events related to leading Full-Text search engines in open source – Sphinx Search.

First meeting organized by NYPHP meetup on Tuesday, September 25th at IBM, 590 Madison Avenue, New York. I’ll be speaking about search services in cloud environment and distributed search tips and tricks. Event is free, please RSVP.

One week later on October 1st, I’ll be doing tutorial about MySQL and Sphinx “

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The Explain Analyzer and HeidiSQL
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A few months ago we announced the EXPLAIN Analyzer, a simple tool to help you understand how MariaDB / MySQL was running queries. For users of HeidiSQL this is now even easier. As discussed in their news post you can now send a query to the EXPLAIN analyzer with a single click.

We hope this helps both new and experienced users better understand the queries they run.

More information about the EXPLAIN Analyzer and the simple API client authors can use to add support to their apps is available in the AskMonty Knowledgebase:

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Disappearing test cases or did another part of MySQL just become closed source?
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About a week ago I was looking at MySQL 5.5.27, and noticed a curious thing. Despite the fact that the new MySQL release contained its usual share of bug fixes, not a single one of them was accompanied with a test case.

Now, let me tell you something about tests. For many years MySQL was using its own testing framework, called mysql-test. The first version was written as early as 1999. Over the years it has accumulated a lot of tests. Tests for new features and regression tests — those that guarantee that a bug, once fixed, will never ever show up again. We had pretty strict policies about it in MySQL AB (and, later, Sun Microsystems) — every new bug fix always had to come with a test case for the bug. And because these tests were always run on many platforms for every push (by the continuous integration tool called Pushbuild — developed in-house by

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Explanation on MariaDB 10.0
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In end of May I told about the numbering plans for the next version of MariaDB in the blog post What comes in between MariaDB now and MySQL 5.6?. We received quite a lot of feedback and criticism on the idea of calling the next version MariaDB 10.0. Here is a little more information about why it makes sense to call the next version 10.0.

This is not news for most of you. MariaDB is not just a set of patches applied on top of MySQL. MariaDB includes features which are similar to the corresponding features in MySQL, but the implementations differ, like for example the thread pool, microsecond support and query

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PHPCR on Doctrine DBAL
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So I have noticed that people don't like it when I talk about all the cool stuff Jackrabbit can do. Many people are still scared of running Java stuff in production which I guess is to be expected since PHP shops tend to .. guess what .. PHP. So in this post I just want to talk about all the cool features we have ready to use in the pure PHP Doctrine DBAL based implementation of PHPCR. Just to say it again: PHP, no Java. So first up the implementation with all its features works with MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite. Given that we started with MySQL we ended up relying on few specific MySQL behaviors. These are all gone now, so adding another RDBMS is likely just a half days work, maybe a day if you look at the code base for the first time, then again the relevant code to edit are just a few places in two classes (

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The Query Cache and Partitions
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Like others we were not satisfied with the fix for a bug in MySQL which caused the query cache and partitioning to not work reliably together. The bug, in simple terms, was that if the query cache was enabled and you used partitioned tables and if a partitioned table was using a transactional engine like InnoDB or XtraDB, the query cache could, under certain circumstances, return incorrect results.

Returning incorrect results is a definite, high-priority bug. However, the upstream fix was to disable all caching of queries from partitioned tables. We wanted a better solution

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OSX vs. Thinkpad
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So in the summer of 2007 I switched from Windows to OSX which also meant switching from Thinkpad to Macbook Pro. While there were some details I liked on the Macbook Pro, like the at the time quite innovative magnetic design on the lid latch, overall I was sad to not be able to use a Thinkpad. So it also came that my first Macbook Pro had to repaired 3 times in total. Despite having bought the insanely expensive AppleCare this meant having to drop off my laptop for several days (usually 5 business days) or paying an "express service" charge. In general I believe Macbook's to be pretty decent, but not as sturdy as Thinkpads (starting with the availability of spill resistant keyboards). More over they tend to skip on connection options and are overpriced. Then again I really don't care about the price that much. I use my laptop for pretty much everything, from

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OurSQL Episode 99: Data Privacy and Security
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This week we present the 100th episode (yes, we started at episode 0), which is part 1 of a 2 part interview with XKCD's Randall Munroe.

OurSQL Podcast history
Episode 0 was on November 26, 2006.
Episode 26 on December 16, 2010 added Sarah Novotny as the first co-host and we hired our audio engineer and producer, Rich Goyette, due to the support of Justin Kestelyn and the Oracle Technology Network.

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New ps_helper pages
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I’ve been updating my (sadly very very neglected, and hacked) blog recently, and along with the new look and feel, have put together a new page for ps_helper (a schema of helper views and procedures for analyzing MySQL’s Performance Schema data):


I’ve also updated it with the things that I’ve talked about recently (including my last post on Statement Digests), and put together a couple of version specific scripts, that can be used against 5.5 or the new 5.6 versions.

Each view or procedure now has examples, and

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Screencast: The MariaDB Release Process
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A screencast about the MariaDB release process.

(I recommend watching it in full screen 720p, so you can see the details.)

Some links mentioned in the video:

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Consolidating MariaDB project tools
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It is not a secret that we’ve been kicking the tires and playing with JIRA for project management. After using it since the beginning of the year most of us like the feel of it and we’ve decided that it makes sense to start using it more.

As you know, the MariaDB project has many fragmented resources. We report bugs in Launchpad. We store our plans in worklog. We’ve never used the Launchpad Blueprint feature for this very reason. We don’t use Launchpad Answers because we have the Knowledgebase.

With this move to hosted JIRA (yes, this is an important link: http://mariadb.org/jira) we can

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Monty Program & SkySQL: a statement on the serious security vulnerability that was found in MariaDB and MySQL
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Over the past few days extensive conversations around a new security vulnerability in MariaDB and MySQL have taken place.

It all started as a chain reaction when Monty Program publicly disclosed information about the flaw they had found and about how to make sure your MariaDB and MySQL installations can be fixed. The initial information got assigned the security vulnerabitlity identifier CVE-2012-2122 and the contents can be seen e.g. here http://seclists.org/oss-sec/2012/q2/493.

The bug was found two months ago on April 4th.

Before disclosing the information publicly, given the seriousness of this bug and considering the millions of MySQL and MariaDB installations deployed worldwide, Monty Program informed the biggest distributors of MySQL and

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MariaDB 5.5 performance on Windows
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We haven’t posted any Windows benchmarks for a while, and MariaDB for Windows contains some specific improvements which might not be widely know since we haven’t talked much about them yet. This post is an attempt to fix that. We’ll also share current MySQL 5.5 numbers.

My setup is an 8 core 2 socket server (yes, a little bit dated for today, but it is the best machine I have at my disposal), 10K SAS disks with RAID1. I ran sysbench 0.4 single table / 1,000,000 records. I ran the benchmark over a network, with the number of concurrent clients ranging from 4 to 4096.

Here is what OLTP-readonly throughput looks like:

  • For most of the tests, MariaDB’s throughput is approx 10% higher than MySQL’s
  • For 4096
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7 essential tools for MySQL DBA
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1. Percona Toolkit
Percona Toolkit (aka Maatkit and Aspersa) is must have collection of advanced command-line tools which helps in performing tasks that are too difficult or complex to perform manually.

2. Mydumper
Mydumper is a high-performance multi-threaded backup/restore tool for MySQL. It’s up to 10x faster compared to mysqldump, can take consistent snapshots and provides File compression on-the-fly. Though it’s still under active development but is well tested/used in production on some large installations.

3. MySQL Master HA
This tool helps to maintain your Master-Slave

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What comes in between MariaDB now and MySQL 5.6?
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We’re quite happy that we’ve released four major releases that are production ready (better known as generally available or GA in the MySQL world) in the last 26 months. That is just a little over two years, and a whole lot of features. In that same time, MySQL has seen one GA release (MySQL 5.5) and we’re all eagerly awaiting the upcoming MySQL 5.6.

You’ll note that we built MariaDB 5.1, 5.2, and 5.3 based on the MySQL 5.1 codebase. A significant number of features went into MariaDB 5.3 (our biggest GA release to date), with the biggest changes in the optimizer in over a decade. There were also many

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There is a story….
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I have a friend who is fond of telling a story from way back in November 2008 at the OpenSQL camp in Charlottesville, Virgina. This was relatively shortly after we had announced to the public that we’d started something called Drizzle (we did that at OSCON) and was even closer to the date I started working on Drizzle full time (which was November 1st). Compared to what it is now, the Drizzle code base was in its infancy. One of the things we hadn’t yet sorted out was the rewrite of the replication code.

So, I had my laptop plugged into a projector, and somebody suggested opening up some random source file… so I did. It was a bit of the replication code that we’d inherited from MySQL.

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OurSQL Episode 92: It's Not Our Type, Part 2
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This week we talk about numeric data types in MySQL.

OurSQL Listener Jesper Hansen was nice enough to take a screen shot of episode 0 of the ourSQL podcast hitting 12,345 downloads.

MySQL Innovation Day Schedule Tuesday June 5th, Redwood Shores, CA. Register here (free) (http://www.mysql.com/news-and-events/events/innovation-day/). Content will be available via live stream, so save the date!

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