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MONyog 4.5 GA – Events, Auto-register of slaves & much more…
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We are delighted to announce the release of MONyog 4.5. Listed below are some noteworthy features:

  • You did get to know about what needs attention in Monitors/Advisors, but how about looking at all the alerts that need attention grouped on their severity for a certain period? This is what event is all about. An event occurs when the status of a counter changes. Keep your events tab open & you see MONyog alerting you – may it be “server availability” or “replication failure” or many other umpteen things that need attention.
  • Many a times, MONyog shows an alert to bring your …
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SQLyog MySQL GUI 9.0 Released
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This is the first GA release in a new major branch of the SQLyog MySQL GUI.

This release introduces an easy way to look up proper values for values inserted to columns that have a Foreign Key CONSTRAINT.  Foreign Key CONSTRAINTs can be difficult to handle for a human user because when updating a ‘child’ table valid values for columns that have such CONSTRAINTs  in the  ‘child’ table will often be ‘just a code’ ( an autoincrement integer or some very ‘compressed’ and ‘symbolic’ values (like item numbers, order numbers etc.).

This SQLyog release provides a direct way to look up …

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SQLyog 8.8 introduces improved performance, SQL_mode support and more.
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We are pleased to announce a new and improved GA version of SQLyog MySQL GUI. The highlights of this  release (8.8) are:

* Drastically improved memory management in DATA and RESULT tabs. This allows for larger result sets in memory and significantly improves scrolling with large result sets.

* Added a sql_mode setting for connections. There is an option to let the GLOBAL mode apply for the session as well as to specify a sql_mode for the connections. The setting is stored on a per-connection basis. Sometimes the GLOBAL sql_mode setting on server is …

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Is your MySQL monitoring tool cloud ready?
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Cloud, cloud, cloud. Cloud computing has become the phrase du jour, says one analyst from Gartner. But with many moving to cloud for its obvious benefits, it can no longer be ignored. An offshoot of cloud computing is utility computing. What interests us here is Database-as-a-Service, in particular MySQL on cloud.

Coming back to our original question – Is your MySQL …

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Customization of monitors & advisors become more easy with the latest MONyog 4.1
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The highlights of this release are:

* A brand new helper function interface: We have implemented an easy-form based interface for customizing helper functions. Any customization of helper functions or user defined functions being used with earlier versions have to be migrated manually to this version. From this version and onwards a GUI-’conflict resolver’ will guide the users very similar to how it works for customized counters.

* Apply settings to all servers of a specific tag: MONyog now has an option to apply a group of settings to all …

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SQLyog MySQL GUI 8.7 Released – Form View, improved SQL Formatter and more
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We are pleased to announce this new major release of SQLyog MySQL GUI.

The major enhancements with this release are:

* Information in tabbed interface can be reordered.
Just like you will find it in all modern browsers, TABs can now be reordered using drag’n’drop in the GUI. The option is available for connection tabs as well as Query/Query Builder/Schema Designer tabs.

* Fast and convenient data entry from the keyboard.
We have added ‘FORM view’ option (in addition to ‘GRID view’ and ‘TEXT view’ …

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SQLyog – MySQL GUI 8.6 GA – new features, improved performance and stability.
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We are pleased to announce the release of SQLyog – MySQL GUI 8.6 GA. This release adds functionalities requested by users for some time, and fixes a number of bugs. Most important enhancements:

User management has been updated with a brand-new interface, has been completely rewritten and also now fully communicates with the MySQL server the recommended way using GRANT and REVOKE syntax. We believe that with this release we have provided the best available ever GUI for MySQL User Management.

For users that prefer to work in a spreadsheet-like interface when …

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MONyog 4.0 introduces MySQL configuration tracking, improved customization and better stability
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We are delighted to unveil MONyog 4.0 — a major new release. Listed below are overviews of some of the major features.

Tracking changes to your MySQL configuration

Maintaining server configuration and tracking changes to it plays a vital role in the maintenance of MySQL servers. DBAs may be responsible for hundreds of servers and keeping an eye on the configuration settings for all of them could be difficult to say the least. With MONyog 4.0 now you can compare global MySQL configuration of multiple servers side-by-side, with all changes highlighted so that …

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MONyog MySQL Monitor 3.8 Has Been Released
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Important note: Please note that if you have installed a MONyog 4.0 (beta) release you cannot install this one unless first completely removing the 4.0 installation including the complete MONyog data folder.

Changes (as compared to 3.77) include:

Bug Fixes:
* Monitors/Advisors on InnoDB Deadlocks were truncating the output message and hence in some cases, users were unable to view both queries involved in the deadlock. This has been changed such that the first 2048 characters of both queries are displayed.
* On Windows 7 systems changes to MONyog’s .INI file from …

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SQLyog – MySQL GUI 8.5 GA | Brand new Tabbed Interface!
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We are pleased to announce the release of SQLyog – MySQL GUI 8.5 GA. Below are some pointers:

  • As the title suggests this release comes with tabbed interface for different connections. We need not have to emphasize the usability of a tabbed interface vs. a windowed one. All web browsers have already demonstrated it to us. Now in SQLyog, you can switch between different connections in a snap! We didn’t forget to add keyboard shortcuts to jump from one tab to other. Most – if not all – shortcuts for tabs of a standard web browser would work with SQLyog. Multi-coloring of connection tabs & object browser …
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