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SQLyog MySQL GUI 8.3 Has Been Released
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Changes (as compared to 8.22) include:

* Added an option to define a ‘color code’ for a connection. The color will be used as background color in the Object Browser.
* A Query Builder session can now be saved and resumed.
* In Query Builder a table alias can be defined for any table by double-clicking the title bar of the table symbol.
* In RESULT tab results can now be retrieved page-wise. This is ON as default with this build with a defined LIMIT of 1000 rows. For a specific query user can change and for this specific query the setting is persistent across sessions. Also read ‘miscellaneous’ paragraph below.
* Added a context menu to Query Builder canvas.

Bug Fixes:
* Deleting a user would leave non-global privileges orphaned in the ‘mysql’

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MariaDB 5.1.42 released!
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Dear MariaDB users,

MariaDB 5.1.42, a new branch of the MySQL database which includes all major open source storage engines, myriad bug fixes, and many community patches, has been released. We are very proud to have made our first final release, and we encourage you to test it out and use it on your systems.

For an overview of what’s new in MariaDB 5.1.42, please check out the release notes.

For information on installing MariaDB 5.1.42 on new servers or upgrading to MariaDB 5.1.42 from previous releases, please check out the installation guide.

MariaDB is available in source and binary form for a variety of platforms and is available from the

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SQLyog MySQL GUI 8.21 Has Been Released
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Changes (as compared to 8.2) include:

* Now SJA will also send mail alert if job aborted due to MySQL error. Before it was only internal SJA error.
* The local port used by SSH-tunneling will now be selected automatically. This will avoid conflicts in case multiple programs use SSH. Also with Data Sync from command-line/scheduler it was possible to use same port for both connections what would effectively sync a server with itself.
* Caption for ‘Parse’ button in Notification Services Wizard was changed to make it clear that it will actually execute the statement(s) entered. There is no way to let the server parse a statement except for executing it.
* Connection windows for SSH connections will now list SSH host details in the title bar.
* Tooltips for an icon will now list the keyboard

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Forkers, be careful please!
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I had one of those situations today that I think every person working with IT experiences from time to time.  I had a problem that took 4 hours to resolve.  Once resolved I realized that doing the right things in the right order (and also memorizing a little better) could have saved me 3 hours and 55 minutes.

The problem was related to SQLyog HTTP-tunneling. When new PHP versions are released it is most often me that verifies that our HTTP tunneling is not broken.  Thus I have followed the PHP 5.3 release cycle from early betas to RC and GA and experienced that very early  PHP 5.3.0 beta  releases did not work with our HTTP-tunnel. However as both 5.3.0 RC and 5.3.0 GA worked fine (as every 5.2.x always did) I executed “SET panic = OFF” against my most important system (old but still a little functional!).

However the panic reoccurred when PHP 5.3.1 was

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SQLyog MySQL GUI 8.2 introduces Data-type optimizer and licensing changes
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SQLyog MySQL GUI 8.2 Has Been Released.

From SQLyog 8.2, we have introduced 3 editions of the commercial version of SQLyog. When we had first released SQLyog in 2003, it had a very few features. We have been aggressively adding new features for the last 6 years. Now SQLyog has got a huge number of tools and features.

Not all tools are useful to every SQLyog customer. In particular we had several requests for a cheaper ‘entry’ edition with the most popular features: HTTP-tunneling, SSH-tunnelling and autocomplete. This is now available as Professional edition.

SQLyog is no longer an “one-size-fits-all” application. SQLyog caters to a very diverse range to customers. Some use it as MS-Access type application for simple database needs while others might

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SQLyog 8.15 Has Been released
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Changes (as compared to 8.14) include:

* Added an option to execute SHOW WARNINGS automatically if the ‘warning-count’ is not 0. The output will appear in MESSAGES tab. Note: this is not implemented for HTTP-tunneling.
* Improved the memory handling in GRIDS with BLOB/TEXT columns. This fixes some slugginess when scrolling a GRID containing such data.

Bug Fixes:
* A dump containing VIEWs created on an early 5.0-server could fail to restore on recent servers. The underlying reason is a bug with the ‘default’ column in the output of SHOW FULL FIELDS on the early 5.0 servers. But we can avoid using this information and this is what we did now.
* Copy database/table from a 3.x or 4.0 server to a more recent server failed with column names containing special characters.

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SQLyog 8.13 Has Been Released
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Changes (as compared to 8.12) include:

* SQLyog can be started with a ‘-dir’ switch like “SQLyogENT -dir somefolder”. This -dir switch specifies where SQLyog will look for the sqlyog.ini file and where all writable files will be saved. This was mainly implemented for users that want to have all SQLyog-related files on a removable drive or some kind of encrypted storage. Note that if you use the setting in ‘preferences’ to store TAGS file some specific place the ‘preferences’ setting will still have effect, also if the -dir switch is used.
* Improved/rearranged the GRIDS in Data Sync and Import External Data wizards.
* SJA mail functionality now supports SSL/TLS encryption. This applies to SJA for Linux and SJA for Windows running on Windows, but not  SJA for Windows running on Wine, as we did

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SQLyog 8.1 Database Synchronization Benchmarks
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Thanks for the overwhelming response to SQLyog 8.1 release. We had highlighted the speed improvements in Data Synchronization in that post. As promised here are the benchmarking results. In this post, we will compare SQLyog 8.1’s data sync speeds against previous version of SQLyog (v 8.05) and Maatkit (v 3519).

We have done similar comparisions in the past. By comparing against Maatkit, we are not trying to imply that SQLyog is better than Maatkit or something similar. Both these tools target a different set of audiences. Maatkit has got some incredible tools that we use internally for a variety of tasks. Maatkit is command

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SQLyog 8.1 – Fast and Furious
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One of most loved feature of SQLyog is the snappy and responsive user interface. Many of our users and customers prefer SQLyog over other tools because of this particular reason.

One reason for the zippy interface could be that SQLyog is entirely developed in C/C++, which tends to be faster than other languages when it comes to raw speed. I don’t want to start a flame war here, but our customers seem to like this fact. Using C/C++ allows us to use the native MySQL C client libraries that gives the best performance as compared to other ways of communicating with MySQL. Using C/C++ also ensures that there are no external dependencies on any bulky frameworks and the download file is relatively small.

Although using a language that complies directly to machine instructions helps a lot, but true speed comes from better algorithms. A similar analogy in the

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Interview with Rohit Nadhani, founder of Webyog
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At the MySQL Conference, I had the chance to interview Rohit Nadhani, founder of Webyog, the folk that make SQLyog and MONyog. Watch the video, for more.

Generally based out of Bangalore (I visited them when I was last there), Webyog just started an office in Santa Clara, and are expanding. They boast 15,000 paid customers so far, with some big name customers: Google, Yahoo!, executive office to the US president, and more.

SQLyog is termed as an upgrade from phpMyAdmin. There is a GPL community edition, with some “power tools” that is part of the Enterprise Edition. It is very Win32 based, but easy enough to run on other OSes via WINE or some sort of

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SQLyog 8.04 Has Been released
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Changes (as compared to 8.03) include:

* Crash dumps with no information (zero-size) will now be deleted automatically.
* When saving/copying from the editor the LETTERCASE modfications for keywords and functions will now be preserved.
* Selecting a ‘child’ object for a table (columns and indexes) will now refresh the DATA tab if DATA tab is open. Before only selecting the table object itself did. Also the table information is now available in OBJECTS tab when a column or index is selected.
* Now also a ‘key’ icon is used for identifying the Primary Key in an Object Browser ‘Indexes’ folder,
* When a GRID cell is only partly visible, doubleclicking it will move the grid position so that cell/row will become visible (before it worked like that with singleclick - we changed to doubleclick as

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SQLyog 8.02 RC Has Been released
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Changes (as compared to 8.01) include:

* Both SQLyog and SJA will now detect if Base64 encoding is required for HTTP-tunnel.

Funtionality changed:
*  CHUNK setting  (for exports)  now also has effect for non-HTTP-tunneled connections.  Using this option is required if it takes more time to retrieve data from a table than server ‘net_write_timeout’ setting.
*  SQLyog will now not reconnect if connection is lost during imports.  Instead an error message will prompt (the reason for this is that session variables defined on top of the script  would be reset to server defaults with reconnection.  As a result (and most important) special characters could garble and other errors could occur as well)..
* When trying to INSERT or UPDATE spatial data types from the

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Profile and Format MySQL queries with the New SQLyog 8.0
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SQLyog 8.0 is a major new version of SQLyog introducing major features like Query Profiler, SQL Formatter and vastly improved look and feel.

Query Profiler:

MySQL has always lacked the sophisticated profiling tools shipped with proprietary databases like SQL Server, etc. MySQL developers have largely depended on EXPLAIN for tuning queries. The SHOW PROFILE patch by Jeremy Cole was introduced in the MySQL Community version 5.0.37 and it provided much more insight into where the query spends its time. However, to take advantage of this feature, MySQL developers were supposed to switch on profiling, run their queries and then filter the profiling data from a table that contained the profiling

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SQLyog 7.15 Has Been released
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Changes (as compared to 7.14) include:

* Added an option to use Base64 encoding for communicating XML data stream with the HTTP tunneller. Using this option can be required to work around this XML-related bug in PHP.
* Improved editor performance with large scripts if Wordwrap was enabled.

Bug fixes:
* On Windows Vista Business edition, SQLyog could crash while closing down. No other Windows OS (and also not any other Vista edition) was affected.
*  Also a ‘hang’ could occur when closing down. It could happen with all systems, but Windows Vista was mostly affected.
* Schema Sync failed with identically named Foreign Key CONSTRAINTs on identically named colums of basically same type (that could still differ in

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Manage MySQL Server at Yahoo Small Business (and other shared hosting providers)
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If you are hosting your website with Yahoo Small Business Hosting, you will be forced to use a web based admin tool to manage your MySQL database. In fact, the help page on managing MySQL categorically mentions that “You will not be able to access your database using a desktop client or other tools run outside of Yahoo!”(I bet they don’t read our blog). In this article, I will show you how you can use all the cool and powerful features of SQLyog Enterprise with Yahoo Small Business Hosting. The same concepts can be applied to connect to other hosting providers like Godaddy, Network Solutions etc. which don’t provide direct access to MySQL database.

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SQLyog 7.1 Has Been Released
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Changes (as compared to 7.02) include:

* Added keyboard shortcut (F6) for Edit Index.
* The behaviour of Ctrl+R shortcut was slightly changed. It will now position cursor inside the active tab in Result pane. Before it was functional only with DATA tab and RESULT tabs.
* Added tab-navigation (for query tabs) entries in Edit-menu. Also the active Query tab can now be closed from menu.
* In certain situations Schema Sync would generate CHANGE-clauses for a column that basically did nothing (changing column to what it was). This is now ‘cleaned up’.
* A tab in the Query pane (a Query tab, a Schema Designer tab and a Query Builder tab) can now be closed with Alt+L keyboard shortcut and can now be navigated with Ctrl+pgup and Ctrl+pgdn keyboard shortcuts.
* Favorites are now displayed using

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SQLyog 7.01 Has Been Released
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Changes (as compared to version 7.0) include:

Bug fix:
* When SQLyog tried to reconnect while exporting a crash could occur. This bug was introduced in 7.0 with the speed optimization of the export dialogue.

Also SJA for Linux was updated with a fix for a (non-related) issue: Since version 6.5 SJA for Linux would not run on Pentium 3 processors (a ‘illegal instruction’ error was returned).  This is now fixed with this generic build.

Downloads: http://webyog.com/en/downloads.php
Purchase: http://webyog.com/en/buy.php

SQLyog 7.0 has been released
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Changes as compared to version 6.56 include:


* New GRID design (’zebra’ Office 2007 style) for easier navigation.
* Multiple selection in GRIDs with SHIFT+CLICK.
* Improved Data Synchronization. Now typically 2-8 times faster than before depending on data. Option to generate a SQL sync script was added.
*  Drastically improved the speed of exports.
* New more user friendly design for the Schema Synchronisation (renamed from Structure Synchonisation). Various filter (’hide and ignore’) options were added. Also a long-running Schema Sync compare task can now be stopped.
*  Added automatic and manual update check.

Bug fixes:

* A backup script backing up all databases could fail to restore VIEWs referencing another database than the one where the VIEW was.

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SQLyog Sets New Standards for Data Synchronization Speed.
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In this BLOG post I will concentrate on the achievements with data synchronization with SQLyog 7.0 (beta 1 released just before the weekend).

SQLyog 7 provides 2-8 times speed improvement (depending on data) with a ‘mixed-type’ of syc-job (involving both INSERTS, UPDATES and DELETES) as compared to SQLyog 6. A few comparison examples (SQLyog 6, SQLyog 7 and Maatkit) with 4 testcases:

Source Rows: 3950400, Target Rows: 3950400, Inserted Rows: 49599, Updated Rows: 49500, Deleted Rows:49599. Primary Col(INT). InnoDB
SQLyog 6: 1120 sec
SQLyog 7: 267 sec
Maatkit : 530 sec

Source Rows: 48025 , Target Rows: 48775, Inserted Rows: 1225 , Updated Rows:1225, Deleted Rows : 1975. Primary Col(INT), InnoDB.
SQLyog 6: 30 sec
SQLyog 7 : 8 sec
Maatkit : 19 sec


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SQLyog 7.0 beta 1 has been released
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* New GRID design (’zebra’ Office 2007 style) for easier navigation.
* Multiple selection in GRIDs with SHIFT+CLICK
* Improved Data Synchronisation. Now typically 2-8 times faster than before depending on data. Option to generate a SQL sync script was added.
* New more user friendly design for the Schema Synchronisation (renamed from Structure Synchonisation). Various filter (’hide and ignore’) options were added.

Bug fixes:

* A backup script backing up all databases could fail to restore VIEWs referencing another database than the one where the VIEW was.
* Around 50 other small (mostly GUI-related) fixes for issues reported by users.

Downloads: http://webyog.com/en/downloads.php
Purchase: http://webyog.com/en/buy.php

Why Data Synchronization?
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SQLyog 7.0 beta 1 is about to be released very soon (we are ‘polishing’ on details at the moment). This release includes completely new code for Data Synchronization that addresses user requests we have had since Data Synchronization was first introduced with SQLyog.

Probably we did not fully understand the needs of some users before. Users have told us

* It is not always desirable or possible to run the sync directly. Audit and access policies may prevent that. A SQL sync script is required in those situations.

* Also some users have wanted a detailed log for every (INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE) operation - for simple documentation or for comparing - in various ways - sync operations between different executions.

* Some users wanted sync scripts for ‘differential backup’ purposes or for auditing purposes.

* Even some users wanted

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SQLyog 6.56 Has Been Released
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Bug fixes:

* Structure Sync could miss the concluding quote around column comments. This bug was introduced in 6.5.
* Migration from SQL Server could fail with empty tables.
* Migration (UPDATE and DELETE) triggers could fail with specific schemas on source (afffected were small tables with short column types only - like integers and very short string types). This bug was introduced early in 6.x with the full Unicode support added here.
* Migration could generate non-matching columns-count with specific schemas. This was also introduced early in 6.x
* Message about ?Successful rows? could display twice in Migration (sja.log). Note: This was a cosmetical issue with the message only. Rows were only migrated once!


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MySQL Conference Liveblogging: Monitoring Tools (Wednesday 5:15PM)
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  • Tom Hanlon of MySQL presents
  • monitoring tool basics
  • basic tools
    • mysqladmin is provided with the server
      • mysqladmin -i 10 extended status: will repeat the same command every 10 seconds. Pipe through grep "and smoke it" (bad pun, hah hah)
      • -r: show only changed values
    • MySQL Administrator
  • cacti
    • rrdtool based network graphing tool
    • uses snmp
    • PHP apache and MySQL based solution
    • MySQL plugins, download and install
    • "poller" gathers data and populates the graphs
    • someone offers munin as an alternative
      • not snmp based, its own
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