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Optimizing PXC Xtrabackup State Snapshot Transfer
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State Snapshot Transfer (SST) at a glance

PXC uses a protocol called State Snapshot Transfer to provision a node joining an existing cluster with all the data it needs to synchronize.  This is analogous to cloning a slave in asynchronous replication:  you take a full backup of one node and copy it to the new one, while tracking the replication position of the backup.

PXC automates this process using scriptable SST methods.  The most common of these methods is the xtrabackup-v2 method which is the default in PXC 5.6.  Xtrabackup generally is more favored over other SST methods because it is …

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Adicionando nova collation no MySQL
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Eu sou do tipo de DBA que prefere manter as coisas mais simples possíveis, mas, tem vezes em que não é possível. Alguns dias atrás, me deparei com um problema no qual, nenhuma das collations presentes no MySQL iria garantir a integridade do meu banco de dados, e para evitar uma grande re-escrita do código fonte, me deparei com uma opção até então desconhecida.
Adicionar minha própria collation no MySQL

Esta opção está descrita nesta sessão da documentação.
Neste artigo, vou mostrar como fazer o …

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Adding your own collation to MySQL
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I’m the kind of DBA that prefers to keep everything simple, BUT, sometimes it’s not possible. Few days ago I’ve faced an issue where none of the collations shipped by default with MySQL would guarantee integrity of my database, and to avoid a massive re-write of application code, we have explored an option that up to the day, I didn’t know about.
Add your own collation to MySQL.

This option is described on this section of MySQL documentation . On this post I will show how to make MySQL identify volves with acute …

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Monitoring your Amazon Aurora Databases using MONyog
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We’re excited to announce the general availability of MONyog for Amazon Aurora. Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) latest offering, the Aurora database combines the speed and availability of commercial databases with the cost-effectiveness and simplicity of open source databases. Designed to provide up to 5x improved performance than MySQL at a price that’s one-tenth of any commercial RDBMS, Aurora definitely looks promising.

Aurora is fault-tolerant by design, since it replicates …

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How much could you benefit from MySQL 5.6 parallel replication?
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I have heard this question quite often: “At busy times, our replicas start lagging quite frequently. We are using N schemas, so which performance boost could we expect from MySQL 5.6 parallel replication?” Here is a quick way to give you a rough estimate of the potential benefit.

General idea

In MySQL 5.6, parallelism is added at the schema level. So in theory, if you have N schemas and if you use N parallel threads, replication could be up to N times faster. This assumes at least 2 things:

  • Replication throughput scales linearly with the number of parallel threads.
  • Writes are …
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MySQL replication in action - Part 4 - star and hybrid topologies
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Previous episodes:

MySQL replication monitoring 101MySQL replication in action - Part 1: GTID & CoMySQL replication in action - Part 2 - Fan-in topologyMySQL replication in action - Part 3 - All-masters P2P …  [Read more...]
MySQL checksum
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how to use percona-tookit to verify mysql data

Read this PDF : mysql_checksum

MariaDB Galera Cluster 10.0.21 and 5.5.45 now available
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The MariaDB project is pleased to announce the immediate availability of MariaDB Galera Cluster 10.0.21 and 5.5.45. These are both Stable (GA) releases.

Download MariaDB Galera Cluster 10.0.21

Release Notes Changelog What is MariaDB Galera Cluster?


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InnoDB Transparent Page Compression
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Astute readers will note that InnoDB already had compression since the MySQL 5.1 plugin. We are using the terminology of ‘Page Compression’ to describe the new offering that will ship with MySQL 5.7, and ‘InnoDB Compression’ for the earlier offering.

First a brief history and explanation of the current motivation.

InnoDB Compression

Compressed tables were …

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Manage your Amazon Aurora databases with SQLyog
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We are elated to announce the availability of SQLyog for Amazon Aurora Databases. You can now manage Amazon Aurora databases with SQLyog, the most powerful database manager, admin and GUI tool.

About Amazon Aurora:
Amazon Aurora is a MySQL-compatible, relational database engine that combines the speed and availability of high-end commercial databases with the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of open source databases.

SQLyog + Amazon Aurora:
It …

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