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MySQL 5.7 Introduces a JSON Data Type
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There's a new JSON data type available in MySQL 5.7 that I've been playing with. I wanted to share some examples of when it's useful to have JSON data in your MySQL database and how to work with the new data types (not least so I can refer back to them later!)

MySQL isn't the first database to offer JSON storage; the document databases (such as MongoDB, CouchDB) work on a JSON or JSON-ish basis by design, and other platforms including PostgreSQL, Oracle and SQL Server also have varying degress of JSON support. With such wide adoption as MySQL has, the JSON features are now reaching a new tribe of developers.

Why JSON Is Awesome

Traditional …

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Ubuntu 16.04 first stable distro with MySQL 5.7
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Ubuntu 16.04 artwork by Canonical Ltd (CC-BY-SA).

Congratulations to Ubuntu on releasing 16.04 LTS with MySQL 5.7! As far as I know, it’s the first stable release of a Linux distro that contains MySQL 5.7. Fedora and openSUSE also have MySQL 5.7, but not yet in a stable release.…

Thanks for stopping by!
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The MySQL Engineering Team at their BOF session on Tuesday night. Sunny Bains in focus answering InnoDB questions.

On behalf of the entire team, I would like to thank you for stopping by our “meet the MySQL engineering team” BOF held Tuesday night.…

MariaDB AWS Key Management Service (KMS) Encryption Plugin
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MariaDB 10.1 introduced Data at Rest Encryption. By default we provide a file_key_management plugin. This is a basic plugin storing keys in a file that can be itself encrypted. This file can come from a usb stick removed once keys have been brought into memory. But this remains a basic solution not suitable for security [...]

Data Encryption at Rest in Oracle MySQL 5.7
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I’ve previously evaluated MariaDB’s 10.1 implementation of data encryption at rest (, and recently did the same for Oracle’s implementation ( in their MySQL 5.7.


First, here’s a walkthrough of enabling encryption for MySQL 5.7:

1. Install keyring plugin.

1a. Add …

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MySQL 5.7.12 – MySQL Document Store – YouTube Video
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Today we are introducing a new MySQL Server feature called MySQL Document Store. Make sure to watch the announcement video on the MySQL YouTube Channel!

Find out more by looking into the following documents.

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Announcing MySQL Connector/J 6.0
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We are pleased to announce the first release of MySQL Connector/J 6.0! This is a new branch of development, which breaks from some of the traditions of the very stable and very mature Connector/J 5.1 branch. We have combed through lots of code and refactored it in order to support development of future features including our X DevAPI implementation and support for X Protocol. This work manifests in a number of visible changes, including revising the growing set of connection and build …

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MySQL 5.7.12 – Part 6: MySQL Document Store – A New Chapter in the MySQL Story
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So hopefully you’ve read the first 5 blogs in this 6 part series you should have a good introduction to
•    Part 1 – What we heard from the MySQL Community (keep it solid, and innovate faster) and our change to new release model those requirements.…

Percona Live 2016: A quick chat with Bill Nye, the Science Guy!
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Percona Live is humming along, and we had quite a whirlwind keynote session this morning. Bill Nye the Science Guy gave an amazing talk, Bill Nye’s Objective – Change the World, on how the process of science and critical thinking can help us not only be positive about the challenges we face in our world today, but also help us to come up with the big ideas we need to solve them. He discussed …

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(MySQL) Performance Monitoring with Prometheus [UPDATE]
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In my last I was looking for a way to do performance monitoring and I stumbled upon Prometheus. Prometheus is much more than monitoring a single node service. Anyway let’s get the idea of gathering metrics using MySQL as example.

This how a simple configuration of Prometheus could look like:

  scrape_interval: 1m
  scrape_timeout: 10s
  evaluation_interval: 1m

  - job_name: mysql
    scheme: http
    - targets: 
        - ''
        zone: mysql

Every minute Prometheus …

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