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Why Uber Engineering Switched from Postgres to MySQL
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Uber Engineering explains the technical reasoning behind its switch in database technologies, from Postgres to MySQL.

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SQL injection in the MySQL server! (of the proxy kind)
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[this is a repost of my blog post, because it did not syndicate to]

As work on WarpSQL (Shard-Query 3) progresses, it has outgrown MySQL proxy.  MySQL proxy is a very useful tool, but it requires LUA scripting, and it is an external daemon that needs to be maintained.  The MySQL proxy module for Shard-Query works well, but to make WarpSQL into a real distributed transaction coordinator, moving the proxy logic inside of the server makes more sense.

The main benefit of MySQL proxy is that it allows a script to "inject" queries between the client and …

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Percona XtraBackup 2.4.4 is now available
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Percona announces the GA release of Percona XtraBackup 2.4.4 on July 25th, 2016. You can download it from our download site and from apt and yum repositories.

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MySQL on Docker: Single Host Networking for MySQL Containers
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Networking is critical in MySQL, it is a fundamental resource to manage access to the server from client applications and other replication peers. The behaviour of a containerized MySQL service is determined by how the MySQL image is spawned with “docker run” command. With Docker single-host networking, a MySQL container can be run in an isolated environment (only reachable by containers in the same network), or an open environment (where the MySQL service is totally exposed to the outside world) or the instance simply runs with no network at all.

In the previous two blog posts, we covered …

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Speeding up protocol decoders in python
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Decoding binary protocols in python

Decoding binary protocols like the MySQL Client/Server Protocol or MySQL's new X Protocol involves taking a sequence of bytes and turning them into integers.

In python the usually workhorse for this task is struct.unpack()

It takes a sequence of bytes and a format-string and returns a tuple of decoded values.

In …

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Working with CloudFlare DNS in python
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Last week I wrote about aDNS discovery feature in Etcd. As a step in the whole process we need to create DNS records in zone. CloudFlare provides rich API to work with it. We wrapped it into a Python module twindb_cloudflare and opensourced it:

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How I became a Data Engineer
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A reminiscence of a personal timeline of events; please, excuse minor errors and/or let me know if my memory has shuffled things around a bit.

My first job was at a company that had their own CRM and they wanted a web version of some parts of the system. At that time, I only had “experience” with ASP and Microsoft Access (I know, tough). They wanted the web version in PHP, their reasoning, I think, being that they wanted the integration to run directly into the database. The web app would write directly into the DB. The CRM system was written using Delphi and Firebird. So I learned PHP and my first database, which wasn’t MySQL (I don’t …

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Avoiding MySQL ERROR 1784 when replicating from 5.7 to 5.6
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Recently I upgraded some MySQL databases from 5.6 to 5.7, but -- for boring reasons unique to my environment -- I had to leave one replica on version 5.6. I knew there was a chance that the 5.7 -> 5.6 replication wouldn't work, but I decided to try it out to see if (and why) it would fail. Once I upgraded the master, replication failed, so I checked the error log on the replica and found these messages:

[ERROR] Slave I/O: Found a Gtid_log_event or Previous_gtids_log_event when @@GLOBAL.GTID_MODE = OFF. Error_code: 1784 [ERROR] Slave I/O: Relay log write failure: could not queue event from master, …

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Develop By Example – Document Store: working with collections using Node.js
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In the previous blog post we explained how to create schemas and collections. In this one we are going to explain how to work with collections: adding, updating and deleting documents.

The following code demonstrates how to add a single document to an existing collection:

var mysqlx = require('mysqlx');
  host: 'host',
  port: '33060',
  dbUser: 'root',
  dbPassword: 'my pass'
}).then(function (session) {
  var schema = session.getSchema('mySchema');
  var coll = …
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Comparison matrix of database encryption methods (for data at rest)
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I recently came across a project where we had to evaluate different techniques suited for encryption of PII data at rest. Database is MySQL community 5.6, Red Hat enterprise OS. We had to encrypt (mask) PII information of customers. As of now data is hosted in local cloud. But we may have future plans to move to a third party cloud like Amazon.

We are talking about two threats, internal and external. Internal - we have support team accessing the database the data for fixes and reporting (slave) Also DBA or Linux root user who have special privileges. So PII needs to be masked from them. External - Mainly hackers, …

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