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ePayment Processing Data over multi-Datacenter MariaDB Cluster - Paytrail chooses ClusterControl
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September 26, 2014 By Severalnines

Paytrail is a leading e-payment method provider from Finland, and is expanding globally. Established in 2007, Paytrail currently has over 4,000 business customers, works with over 350 partners and its solution is available in all SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) countries.


Paytrail offers a new online shopping solution that allows consumers to use one login for all of their online purchases. And it provides everything that is needed for online shopping in addition to traditional payment methods (bank e-payments, credit and debit card payments, invoicing and installments). 



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Today is the day in which MyISAM is no longer needed
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Of course, this is just a catchy title. As far as I know not all system tables can be converted to InnoDB yet (e.g. grant tables), which makes the header technically false. MyISAM is a very simple engine, and that has some inherent advantages (no transactional overhead, easier to “edit” manually, usually less space footprint on disk), but also some very ugly disadvantages: not crash safe, no foreign keys, only full-table locks, consistency problems, bugs in for large tables,… The 5.7.5 “Milestone 15″ release, presented today at the Oracle Open World has

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MySQL Security: Encrypting within MySQL. The new Enterprise Encryption plugin.
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Keeping things safe and within MySQL now:

MySQL 5.5.40 Overview and Highlights
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MySQL 5.5.40 was recently released (it is the latest MySQL 5.5, is GA), and is available for download here:

This release, similar to the last 5.5 release, is mostly uneventful.

There were 0 “Functionality Added or Changed” bugs this time, and 18 bugs overall fixed.

Out of the 18 bugs, most seemed rather minor or obscure, but there are 3 I think are worth noting (all 3 are InnoDB-related, regressions, and serious if you encounter them, so best to be aware of them):

  • InnoDB: An ALTER TABLE … ADD FOREIGN KEY operation could cause a serious error. (Bug #19471516, Bug #73650)
  • InnoDB: With a transaction isolation level
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Connector/Net 6.9
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Connector/Net 6.9 (6.9.4 GA, published on Friday, 26 Sep 2014)
MySQL Utilities 1.5
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MySQL Utilities 1.5 (1.5.2 GA, published on Friday, 26 Sep 2014)
MySQL Installer 5.7
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MySQL Installer 5.7 (5.7.5 m15, published on Friday, 26 Sep 2014)
MySQL 5.7.5: GROUP BY respects functional dependencies!
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Today, Oracle announced the availability of the Development Milestone Release 15 of MySQL 5.7.5. The tagline for this release promises "Enhanced Database Performance and Manageability". That may sound rather generic, the actual list of changes and improvements is simply *huge*, and includes many items that I personally find rather exciting! Perhaps I'm mistaken but I think this may be one of the largest number of changes packed into a MySQL point release that I've witnessed in a long time. The list of changes includes improvements such as:
  • InnoDB improvements: Simplified tablespace recovery, support for spatial indexes,
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Using MySQL Workbench
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I’ve been setting up a simplified lab environment to let my students learn use in class. This added content will show them how to do reverse engineering with MySQL Workbench.

It’s a complete Fedora image with MySQL and Oracle Database 11g for the course. The uncompressed image is 14GB and the compressed image is 5.3GB. I chose Fedora because it’s the smallest open source image that supports both environments, and Fedora is the closest to Red Hat and Oracle Unbreakable Linux. I’m inclined to make the instance available generally but haven’t figured out the best way to do that.

Here are the new instructions I’m adding and if you have any input leave it as a comment.

You connect as the student user, which puts you in the

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JSON UDF functions version 0.3.2 have been released
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Today new version of JSON UDF functions: 0.3.2 was released. This is development release which contains new functionality. You can download functions from the MySQL Labs website.

What is new?

New function `JSON_COUNT` added. This function returns number of children of the key path specified. If no key path specified, number of children of the root element is returned. Bug #70580/17584692 ADD FUNCTION `JSON_COUNT` TO COUNT SIZE OF JSON DOCUMENT

mysql> select json_count('{"MySQL Central": ["conference", 2014]}') as 'root count',
    ­> json_count('{"MySQL Central": ["conference", 2014]}', 'MySQL Central') as 'first element count'\G
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