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Evaluating MariaDB & MySQL Parallel Replication Part 2: Slave Group Commit
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Thu, 2015-04-02 12:02jean-françoisgagné

(The previous post, Better Parallel Replication for MySQL, is Part 1 of the series.) Parallel replication is a much expected feature of MySQL. It is already available in MariaDB 10.0 and in MySQL 5.7. In this post, a very nice side effect of the MariaDB implementation is presented: Slave Group Commit.

(If you are not familiar with parallel replication and its implementation, read the …

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State Of The Storage Engine - DZone
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I contributed an article on modern database storage engines to the recent DZone Guide To Database and Persistence Management. I’m cross-posting the article below with DZone’s permission.

Readers of this guide already know the database world is undergoing rapid change. From relational-only, to NoSQL and Big Data, the technologies we use for data storage and retrieval today are much different from even five years ago.

Today’s datasets are so large, and the workloads so demanding, that …

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Federating THE friends table in a Sharded mySQL environment without downtime or users noticing
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A friends table is the cornerstone of social applications. Its purpose is to define relationships and help answer the question what are my friends doing.

Here is an example friend’s table:

 CREATE TABLE `friends` (
  `user_id` bigint(20) unsigned NOT NULL,
  `friend_id` bigint(20) unsigned NOT NULL,
  PRIMARY KEY (`user_id`,`friend_id`),
  KEY `user_id-auto_ts` (`user_id`,`auto_ts`),
  KEY `friend_id-auto_ts` (`friend_id`,`auto_ts`)

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VividCortex Announces Database Monitoring for Redis
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We are excited to announce that VividCortex now supports Redis, a popular open source database. After announcing PostgreSQL support in January, our brainiacs continue to create a unified solution for diverse systems.

Baron Schwartz explains the product development further. “Redis is an important database for VividCortex, both strategically and commercially, due to its incredible popularity and our own usage. We rely on Redis to help analyze the massive amounts of time-series …

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Introducing pt-reanimate
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Most of the time I like pt-kill, but sometimes it gets a little overzealous and kills a query that I need. That's why I'm glad Percona created pt-reanimate so I can bring those important queries back to life. Of course the queries are not exactly the same when they come back, but at least they come back.

Here's an example of pt-reanimate in action. First I add a column to a large table:

alter table big_table add column new_col int;

Here is my DDL in the processlist table:

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Benchmarking MySQL Cluster 7.4 on an Intel NUC
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I have done a lot of benchmarks of MySQL Cluster on large servers which
is obviously very interesting. As mentioned in a previous blog I have
an Intel NUC machine now easily accessible. So I thought it would be
fun to make some benchmarks on this machine to see how fast MySQL Cluster
runs on small HW.

First a little description of the HW. The CPU is an Intel Core i5-4250
CPU. It runs at 1.3GHz and have a turbo frequency of 2.3 GHz. The CPU
has two cores and each core can run two threads simultaneously
(called hyperhtreading in Intel CPUs). It comes with the box containing …

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Deprecating Weaker Encryption Functions
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A Quick Security Update

Starting with MySQL 5.7.6, the following functions are now deprecated:

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Happiness is a working Galera cluster on Kubernetes!
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Yes, after many hours, late nights, hair pulling, some private yelling:

core@master ~/mysql_replication_kubernetes/galera_sync_replication $ kubectl get pods
POD                 IP                  CONTAINER(S)        IMAGE(S)                                     HOST                            LABELS              STATUS
pxc-node1          pxc-node1           capttofu/percona_xtradb_cluster_5_6:latest   <none>              Running
pxc-node2          pxc-node2           capttofu/percona_xtradb_cluster_5_6:latest   <none> …
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Upgrading MariaDB Galera Cluster 5.5 to 10.0
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Wed, 2015-04-01 10:28guillaumelefranc

Upgrading a running MariaDB Galera Cluster from 5.5 (previous stable) to 10.0 (stable) is a question which comes up frequently with Remote DBA customers. Although a standard migration from 5.5 to 10.0 is well covered in the Knowledge Base, Galera Cluster upgrades haven’t been really documented in detail now. This howto will cover upgrades on CentOS or RHEL 6 but a similar logic can be applied to Ubuntu/Debian as well.


It is indeed possible to do a rolling cluster upgrade if the Galera API and provider versions are compatible. Please refer yourself to my previous blog article ( …

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MySQL shell prompt vs MongoDB shell prompt
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Recently Todd Farmer shared an interesting story about the mysql command line prompt in MySQL 5.7: how it was changed to provide more context and why the change was finally reverted. This made me think that after using the command line client for MongoDB for awhile, I would love seeing a much more modern mysql shell prompt. Here are a few examples of what a modern command line client can do.

Add dynamic information to the prompt

If you use replication with MongoDB, you have probably noticed a nice feature of the prompt: it is replication …

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