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Data Encryption with MySQL Enterprise Backup 3.10
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MySQL Enterprise Backup (MEB) 3.10 introduces support for encrypted backups by allowing backup images, or single-file backups, to be encrypted. However, backups stored in multiple files in a backup directory can not be encrypted.

Any MEB command that produces a backup image can be optionally requested to encrypt it. The encrypted backup image can be stored in a file or tape in the same way as an unencrypted backup image. Similarly, any MEB command that reads data from a backup image accepts also an encrypted backup image. This means that encrypted backups can be used in all the same situations as unencrypted …

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Connector/J 5.1.30 is out with Fabric support
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Today marks the release of several exciting pieces of software from Oracle. In addition to MySQL server 5.7.4 DMR, MySQL Fabric is out as a release candidate 1.4.2 and Connector/J 5.1.30 has full support. MySQL Fabric is a new way to implement high-availability and scale-out with MySQL server. It provides a way to group sets of servers into high-availability groups with automatic replication configuration. If scale-out is important, sharding can be defined in terms of these high-availability groups.

To use Connector/J with Fabric, you only need to add the jar to your classpath. If you are still using Java 5, you will need to manually load the …

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Offline checksum validation for directory and Image backup using MySQL Enterprise Backup
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Data integrity: ------------------- Data integrity refers to maintaining and assuring the accuracy and consistency of data over its entire life-cycle. Every organization whether it's small or large want to make sure their data is consistent and error free. Data might move to other media/ different storage system for performance, speed, scalability or any other business reasons. So we want to make sure data is not corrupt while migration/movement. Data integrity is a policy which enterprise can enforce to be confident about their own data.
The overall intent of any data integrity technique is to ensure data is recorded exactly as …

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MySQL Connector/Python v1.2.1 RC
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Monday 31 March 2014 proved to be a big day for MySQL with 5 announcements of products getting new releases: the next milestone release MySQL Server 5.7.4, MySQL Workbench 6.1 going GA and Connector/J 5.1.30 and MySQL Utilities 1.4.2 RC

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How To - Guide to editing MySQL data within Excel
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In previous posts we have talked about importing data from MySQL to Excel, exporting data from Excel to a new or to a existing MySQL table (via the Export Data or Append Data operations) which are common tasks to be performed against MySQL tables. In this post we will talk about possibly the coolest feature in MySQL for Excel which is the Edit Data operation which allows the retrieval of a MySQL table's data to an Excel worksheet so the data can be edited, deleted or inserted in new rows and those changes saved back to the MySQL database in a friendly and intuitive way, and more …

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9 Reasons For Attending The Percona Live MySQL Conference & Expo 2014
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March 28, 2014 By Severalnines


Percona Live MySQL Conference & Expo - March 31st to April 4th

The Severalnines Team Will Be Onsite at Booth 418 - Come Say Hello!



If you’re still thinking about whether or not you should be attending the Percona Live MySQL Conference & Expo that starts on Monday 31st of March, here are 9 reasons (we are …

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Faster and Space efficient Restore with MySQL Enterprise Backup
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A typical backup cycle with MySQL Enterprise Backup had always involved 3 steps:

1. backup (to directory)

2. apply-log (prepare the backup)

3. copy-back (restore)

In case of directory, the 'apply-log' is done on the backup directory which does not involve any additional space.

But in case of image, the image has to be extracted, before doing 'apply-log'. This involves additional space for extraction of image and the steps involved are:

1. backup-to-image

2. Extract

3. apply-log

4. copy-back

How about, combining the 3 steps – extract, apply-log …

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MySQL for Excel 1.2.1 has been released
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The MySQL Windows Experience Team is proud to announce the release of MySQL for Excel version 1.2.1.

MySQL for Excel 1.2.1 is a maintenance release for 1.2.x containing a handful of bug fixes and the following minor features:

  • When MySQL Workbench is not installed, MySQL connections are now automatically created for discovered MySQL services. If MySQL Workbench is later installed, these connections are not migrated over to MySQL Workbench as MySQL Workbench also creates connections for discovered MySQL services.

You can download MySQL for Excel 1.2.1 from our official Downloads …

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I'm speaking about MySQL tools on BGOUG's spring conference
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I will be speaking about MySQL at the Bulgarian Oracle Users Group's Spring Conference.

In furthering my mission to increase the MySQL knowledge among my countrymen I will try to give the grand tour of all the modern MySQL administrative and development tools that the MySQL team provides.

This will be the 3d BGOUG conference I'm speaking to. And I expect no less than the stellar organization and the great audience that I had the privilege to interact with during the previous 2 conferences.

We had …

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How To - Guide to appending data from Excel to an existing MySQL table
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Today we're going to talk about one of the main features in MySQL for Excel. There may be times when you have a MySQL Database table that you want to add new rows to. In this blog post we're going to show you how you can do that from within Excel directly easily using the Append Excel Data to Table feature.

Always remember MySQL for Excel can be downloaded and installed directly for free, from our MySQL Installer downloads page.

Your feedback is very important for us, please drop us a message and follow our social networks:

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