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MariaDB CONNECT Storage Engine as an ETL (or ELT) ?
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The MariaDB CONNECT Storage Engine allows to access heterogeneous data sources. In my previous post I show you how to use the MariaDB CONNECT Storage Engine to access an Oracle database. This is quite easy through the CONNECT Storage Engine ODBC table type.

For most architectures where heterogeneous databases are involved an ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) is [...]

Guide to install and configure SSH in a MySQL server on Windows
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This article describes in step by step fashion a guide on how to install and configure a SSH server in a MySQL server running on Windows using FreeSSHd. 

MySQL is a Great Fit for Cloud-Based Deployments
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MySQL's architecture and features make the database a great fit for cloud based deployments. If you are interested in using MySQL to deliver web-based applications and scale out, read the white paper MySQL, An Ideal Choice in the Cloud.

As a first step to using the MySQL database, take the MySQL for Beginners course. In this 4-day course, you learn to use the MySQL Server and tools …

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MySQL for Visual Studio 1.1.3 GA has been released
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MySQL for Visual Studio is a new product including all of the Visual Studio integration previously available as part of Connector/Net.  The 1.1.3 version is now released as GA and is appropriate for use in production environments.  It is compatible with MySQL Server versions 5.0-5.7 and Visual Studio versions 2008 to 2013.

MySQL for Excel new features (1.2.0): Auto refresh Import Data, Export Data and Append Data dialogs
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This post is about one of the new features included in the latest MySQL for Excel release to date (1.2.0) which can be Installed directly from our MySQL Installer.

Since the first release you were allowed to Import and Append data from Excel to a MySQL database, and also to import data from the MySQL database to an Excel Worksheet.
All these windows handle small previews of the data you were working with, and some settings about how the data should be treated can be found by clicking the Advanced Options button on them.

The problem many users found was that …

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MySQL Support is Hiring!
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My old team here at Oracle looking for talented, experienced MySQL experts to join the amazing MySQL Support Team.  I was lucky enough to join this great group of people over seven years ago, and while my responsibilities have shifted to other areas with the MySQL team at Oracle, I still join the team’s chat channel daily (where they’ve revoked my vowel and address me as “t*dd” to highlight my treachery in leaving the team).   I don’t know that it’s possible to find a better group of colleagues to work with than can be found in the MySQL Support Team.

The work itself is exciting – if you like solving problems, this is an …

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New MySQL web installer, Have you tried it yet?
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We recognize that the most important part to get you started is getting the products you want installed and well configured. That's why the installer team has been working really hard to enhance the user experience with MySQL products. We are proud to announce a newer, lighter version of the MySQL Installer is available for download at our website.

Have you tried the new MySQL Web Installer yet? Do it now!

It weights barely more than 1.5 MB in total but packs the ability to let you select any product from the MySQL family. The web installer will …

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Tungsten Replicator 2.2 Is Now Available
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New Continuent Tungsten Replicator 2.2 is now available for download at and Replicator is a high performance, open source, data replication engine for MySQL and Oracle, released under a GPL V2 license. Tungsten Replicator has all the features you expect from enterprise-class data replication products

It can be a bright 2014
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In many parts of the MySQL world, whether you have users, developers or administrators of MySQL, the season holidays are for family, relax, prayers, travel, or they are simply a moment where you can enjoy what you like or care most about.

For me, this time is dedicated to my family, but also to deeper thoughts around the strategies to adopt in short and long term. My work nowadays, as the work of many others, is ruled by quick decisions, by the "time to market” - whatever “market" means in a specific context. Decisions must be made in meetings that are time-boxed in one hour or even less. In the end, you accumulate so much work and high …

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Excel PowerPivot & DAX
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I’ve worked with every release of Microsoft Excel, and I know it takes effort to keep up to date with certain releases. Clearly, the Data Analysis eXpression (DAX) Language introduced in Excel 2010 went unnoticed by many, which was sad. DAX is truly a powerful extension to the analytical and modeling approaches in Microsoft Excel.

I’d like to recommend …

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