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Four MariaDB books available now
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It’s quite exciting to see the amount of MariaDB books out there (first GA release of software: February 2010).

From left-to-right:

  • MariaDB Crash Course (August 2011)
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    Book in Korean: Real MariaDB
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    For some months now, there have been some back & forth emails with Matt, one of the senior DBAs behind the popular messaging service, KakaoTalk (yes, they are powered by MariaDB). Today I got some positive information: the book published entirely in the Korean language, titled Real MariaDB is now available.

    It covers MariaDB 10.0. Where appropriate, there are also notes on MySQL 5.6 (especially with regards to differences). This is Matt’s fourth MySQL-related book, and

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    MariaDB-related links in November 2013
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    Another month has come to an end. If you’re looking to be updated on MariaDB content on a regular basis, don’t forget to be on Twitter (@mariadb), Facebook (MariaDB.dbms), or Google Plus (+mariadb).

    There was a question on Quora – Is Facebook considering ditching MySQL in favor of MariaDB like Google did? The best answer really comes from Harrison Fisk, so I’ll leave you to it to read. The older link made its way on social media about Wikipedia_$ mv MySQL MariaDB.

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    Book review: Instant InnoDB
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    Instant Innodb, by Matt Reid

    This book does a good job of explaining the InnoDB internals. I have found particularly useful the section where it describe in detail all the server variables affecting InnoDB. Although these variables are also in the MySQL manual, some of them have never been explained to me as thoroughly as this book as done.

    The title claims that it is a InnoDB reference. If is more than that, as the reference part id covered in three chapters. The rest of the book gives useful advice on maintenance, monitoring, and troubleshooting.

    Our Effective MySQL Books
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    At Effective MySQL we provide resources for the DBA, Developer and Architect to best use MySQL. This includes currently three books in our series, available in print, PDF and Kindle formats.

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    Replication Techniques in depth
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    The third book of the Effective MySQL series provides the reader with the tools, knowledge and tips for managing a scalable MySQL Replication environment.


  • The Five Minute DBA
  • Diagnosing Common Replication Problems
  • Improving Standard Replication Features
  • Understanding Multi-Master Replication
  • MySQL Replication Tools
  • Extending Replication for Practical Needs
  • MySQL Configuration Options
  • Monitoring Replication
  • Order Now

    This title is available in print, PDF and Kindle formats from these retailers.

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    Backup and Recovery
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    The second book of the Effective MySQL series provides the reader with the tools, knowledge and tips necessary for a successful MySQL Backup and Recovery Schedule. Included in this book are examples of mysqldump, LVM snapshots, mylvmbackup, MySQL Enterprise Backup (MEB), Xtrabackup and mydumper. Advanced options including compression, incremental backups, partial backups and remote capabilities are discussed and examples provided with an example 5GB database.


  • The Five Minute DBA – Download Sample Chapter (PDF)
  • Understanding Backup Options
  • Understanding Business Requirements
  • Using Replication
  • Understanding Recovery Options
  • MySQL Configuration Options
  • Disaster

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    Optimizing SQL Statements
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    The first book of the Effective MySQL series provides the reader with the tools, knowledge and tips necessary for optimizing SQL Statements in MySQL.

    Written by Oracle ACE Director and MySQL expert Ronald Bradford, Effective MySQL: Optimizing SQL Statements is filled with detailed explanations and practical examples that can be applied immediately to improve database and application performances. Featuring a step-by-step approach to SQL optimization, this Oracle Press book helps you to analyze and tune problematic SQL statements.

    • Identify the essential analysis commands for gathering and diagnosing issues
    • Learn how different index theories are applied and represented in MySQL
    • Plan and execute informed SQL optimizations
    • Create MySQL indexes to improve query
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    MariaDB Crash Course
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    Ben Forta, the author of MySQL Crash Course and Sams Teach Yourself SQL in 10 Minutes, has written what I believe is the first MariaDB-specific book: MariaDB Crash Course. I just received word from Ben that the book is now shipping.

    Most MySQL books can, of course, be used to learn almost everything you need to know about using MariaDB. But with all of the features and abilities MariaDB has gained in the MariaDB 5.2 and MariaDB 5.3 releases, it’s nice there is now a book specific to MariaDB.

    You don’t need to know anything about MariaDB

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    MariaDB Crash Course released
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    I am happy to announce that the first MariaDB book is released!

    The book is called MariaDB Crash Course and is written by Ben Forta, who also wrote the MySQL Crash Course book.

    Quoting the book description:

    "This book will teach you all you need to know to be immediately productive with MySQL. By working through 30 highly focused hands-on lessons, your MySQL Crash Course will be both easier and more effective than you'd have thought possible"

    This is great news for new users to SQL and to MariaDB as it makes it easier for them to get things going quickly!

    You can find a link to this book and other recommended MariaDB / MySQL books here.


    Book: MariaDB Crash Course
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    Exciting news – MariaDB gets its first book!

    Many years ago I read Ben Forta’s MySQL Crash Course . It is a book targeted at beginners of MySQL. Ben has now written another book, titled: MariaDB Crash Course

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    SQL-99 Complete, Really
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    You can now enjoy  SQL-99 Complete, Really by Peter Gulutzan and Trudy Pelzer aka. “The Definitive Door Stopper” online in our Knowledgebase at http://kb.askmonty.org/v/sql-99-complete-really.

    Thanks to our technical writer and system administrator at Monty Program Ab Daniel Bartholomew we now have a complete description of the SQL-99 standard for syntax, data structures, and retrieval processes of SQL databases. As an example-based reference manual it includes all of the CLI functions, information, schema tables, and status codes.

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    Book review: MySQL 5.1 plugin development
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    MySQL 5.1 Plugin Development,
    by Sergei Golubchik and Andrew Hutchings.
    Packt Publishing, 2010.
    Executive summary: Highly recommended. If you want to develop MySQL extensions, buy this book. It's a must, written by two expert professionals who probably know more than anyone else on this matter. The book is full of practical examples explained with the theoretical information necessary to make it stick.

    This book fills a gap in the world of MySQL documentation. Although the MySQL docs are extensive and thorough, to the point that sometimes you wished that the

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    Pentaho Kettle Solutions Overview
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    Dear Kettle friends,

    As mentioned in my previous blog post, copies of our new book Pentaho Kettle Solutions are finally shipping.  Roland, Jos and myself worked really hard on it and, as you can probably imagine, we were really happy when we finally got the physical version of our book in our hands.

    So let’s take a look at what’s in this book, what the concept behind it was and give you an overview of the content…

    The concept

    Given the fact that Maria’s book, called

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    Friday Tips and Links #10: Grizzly Releases, JAX-RS and WebLogic, GWT, Spring or JavaEE
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    Recent Tips and News on Java EE 6 & GlassFish:


    An Eclipse / GlassFish / Java EE 6 Tutorial
    Using JAX-RS with JDeveloper and Weblogic
    GlassFish 3 and Oracle 10g XE on Ubuntu Linux 9.10
    Grizzly 1.0.38 has been released

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    A funny recipe.
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    According to a recent book about MySQL, this is the recipe to convert an IP address into an integer, with the purpose of using it as server-ID.
  • Take for example
  • Using a calculator (!!!), convert each of the four numbers to hexadecimal (you get 0a.00.9f.16)
  • Then glue the four hexadecimal numbers together, after removing the dots, and, again with the calculator, convert them to decimal (0a009f16HEX=167812886DEC)
  • Use this number (167812886) as your server ID in the options file.
  • Brilliant, eh?

    Had the authors searched the MySQL manual for "IP address", they would have found the INET_ATON function, which can be used like this:
    select inet_aton('');

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    MongoDB the Definitive Guide by Kristina Chodrow and Michael Dirolf
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    The kind folks at O'Reilly sent me a fantastic book about MongoDB. This was a great read since it’s suited for people who do Operations and Development and Performance tuning (me). I've been using Cassandra for quite some time now (months lol) and the thing that has irritated me about Cassandra is the documentation for it. Cassandra documentation sucks, its hard to speed up on the internals. This MongoDB book is written by the most active participants that are developing MongoDB and the knowledge shows. What I like is it starts out on how to quickly get it up, add/get/update data to the DB. Then progresses to more advance topics-that talk about GridFS and MongoDB drivers. Personally I would like to see more elaboration of this facet
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    Book review : SQL Antipatterns
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    SQL Antipatterns, by Bill Karwin

    I remember that when I finished reading The Lord Of The Rings, I felt a pang of disappointment. "What? Already finished? What am I going to read now? What can give me the same pleasure and sense of accomplishment that these wonderful pages have given me?"
    That's how I felt when I came to the last page of SQL Antipatterns. And, no, Bill Karwin doesn't tell imaginary tales from a fictitious world. This book is full of very real and very practical advice, but all the material is presented with such grace and verve that I could not put it down until the very end. I read it cover to cover in just a few hours, and I savored every page.

    What is this Antipatterns, anyway? The title may deceive a casual bookshop browser into believing that it's about some

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    Expert PHP and MySQL – review — 8 star
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    mysql > start review;
    Query OK, 0 rows affected (0.00 sec)

    mysql > Being a MySQL DBA, not a developer, I was mostly interested in the MySQL sections but given I have a general interest in scripting I did go through some of the PHP sections. To be honest they were quite advanced for my php knowledge and experience.

    The good thing about the book is that even though it assumes you have the basic knowledge, it still provides an introductory background on most of the two (PHP and MySQL) topics. This is not a “PHP and MySQL for dummies” so don’t expect to learn the very basics nor will you become an expert in either topic by just reading the book. Even if you read the book thoroughly, becoming an expert requires years of hard work and experience. Having said that, his book is a good guide to make it there.

    If you are at least

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    Review of High Availability MySQL Cookbook by Packt Publishing
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    A few months ago, I reviewed MySQL Admin Cookbook. Today I am reviewing High Availability MySQL Cookbook from Packt Publishing by Alex Davies. Overall, I found the book to contain some good hidden Gems.

    The book is a mixture of MySQL Cluster (NDB), Replication schemes, some performance tuning, some minor kernel tweaking, and some more exotic approaches to common High Availability problems. Overall, I found this book very informative and a good read.
    Now the specifics, the book starts out on NDB and stays focused on

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    Book Review : Pentaho 3.2 Data Integration
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    Dear Kettle fans,

    A few weeks ago, when I was stuck in the US after the MySQL User Conference, a new book was published by Packt Publishing.

    That all by itself is something that is not too remarkable.  However, this time it’s a book about my brainchild Kettle. That makes this book very special to me. The full title is Pentaho 3.2 Data Integration : Beginner’s Guide (Amazon, Packt).  The title all by itself explains the purpose of this book: give the reader a quick-start when it comes to Pentaho Data Integration (Kettle).

    The author María Carina

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    Reviewed: Managing Software Development with SVN and Trac
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    I’ve recently been migrating my wiki/documentation for Kontrollbase to Trac. For those that are not aware, Trac is a web-based documentation/wiki/Subversion tool that is used by countless number of software projects. Subversion, of course, is a software collaboration and code management repository that manages branches/tags/trunk files with revision control. It’s one of the most heavily used open-source code repositories available. Given that I use SVN (subversion) for all of my software applications and am now using Trac, the book “Managing Software Development with Trac and Subversion” by David J Murphy comes as a useful and great

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    Opinionated review on an opinionated book: Joel on Software
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    I just finished reading Joel Spolskys book "Joel on Software", and I had a good and interesting read I have to say. This doesn't mean that I agree with everything in this, by now a bit dated, published in 2004 and as it is a collection of writings from Spolskys website www.joelonsoftware.com, it is more dated than that.

    Spolsky writes in a rather humorous, witty style, and he is very opinionated and has strong opinions on many things. And he sometimes hits some rather minor issue which he dislikes with a baseball bat. But I enjoyed reading the book, it was a fun read and it got me thinking on issues, even though I didn't agree with Spolsky always, frankly, most of the time I didn't (he's not too hot on Open Source for example, and gives examples why it's not going to work, and we now know, as the book is

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    Review: Erlang books
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    The fine folks at O'Reilly sent me reviewer copy of two books on Erlang

    I am currently in the process of learning Erlang for a personal project. These books both measures up to the high expectations I have come to expect from Pragmatic Programmers Publishing and from O'Reilly Books.

    Erlang is a difficult language to "sell", and is a challenge to learn.

    Both books assume you have decently good programming skills, and don't need your hand held too much about the idea of programming, and instead show you how Erlang is

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    Book: Pro Linux System Administration
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    Peter Lieverdink (also known as cafuego on IRC/identi.ca, engineer on OurDelta builds and for Open Query) has co-authored a book that’s available since Monday. The title is Pro Linux System Administration published by Apress.

    These days some people don’t want to bother with system administration, and either hire or outsource. Others want to find out more and do things themselves (home and small office use), and that’s the intended audience for this book.

    Giving away one copy of MySQL Administration Bible in Madrid
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    I will be in Madrid on June 18-19, to participate to the Sun Open Communities Forum. I will have two presentations on my own, and I will be a guest speaker during Victor Jimenez's session. There will be some ancillary activities, among which a lunch with the MySQL community and a MySQL workshop.

    During one of these activities, I will give away one copy of the MySQL Administrator’s Bible. If you are a MySQL enthusiast and you are in Madrid, that's an extra reason to attend the forum. For the ones

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    Completed Draft for the "Pentaho Solutions" Book
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    Last night, I completed the draft of "Pentaho Solutions", which is a book I'm writing together with my friend and colleague Jos van Dongen for Wiley.

    (Actually, the full title is: "Pentaho Solutions: Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing with Pentaho and MySQL")

    Here's an overview of the contents, just to give you an idea what we have been doing:

    • Part I: Getting Started, Prerequisites, Installation and Configuration and Overview

      • Chapter 1: Quick Start: Pentaho PCI Examples

      • Chapter 2: Prerequisites

      • Chapter 3: Server Installation and Configuration

      • Chapter 4: The Pentaho BI Stack

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    The MySQL Bible is Here!
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    A year ago, the outline was being written. A lot of work was crammed into the intervening months, and I am happy and proud to announce that the MySQL Administrator’s Bible has been published, and is sitting on the shelf at many major booksellers already. The official publication date is today — Monday, May 11th, 2009 — although some stores have had copies for a week, including Amazon.com.

    The MySQL Administrator’s Bible, published by Wiley Press (available on Amazon.com at http://www.amazon.com/MySQL-Administrators-Bible-Sheeri-Cabral/dp/0470416912/, fully covers how to administer MySQL 5.1. It is suitable for people new to MySQL, although as an experienced MySQL DBA I can say that I learned a lot while researching and writing this book, and I believe that even veteran

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    More GlassFish Books - MySQL, GlassFish and Java EE 6
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    I recently noticed several new books based on GlassFish Server, like Yuli's book on Java EE and DBs, Using MySQL and GlassFish and Antonio's book on Java EE 6 with GF v3. Looking a bit more I also found that David also has a new book on NetBeans 6 and Java EE 5 (w/ GF) and Adam has one on the

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    How To – Resolve Unable to Retrieve MSN Address Book using Pidgin
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    Background Knowledge

    Today (2008-01-12) I loaded Pidgin and discovered that I was no longer able to connect to MSN. It appears either Microsoft is blocking the connection or a new version has been release. What the cause of the matter is I have not been able to verify with certainty at this time.

    UPDATE: Pidgin v2.5.4 has been released that temporarily fixes the problem.

    Error Message

    “Unable to Retrieve MSN Address Book using Pidgin”. See screen shot of the error message below.


  • Close Pidgin application.
  • Download and install “msn-pecan“.
  • Run Pidgin
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