Webinar Replay and Q&A: Galera 3.0 Introduction and Cluster Management - with MySQL 5.6, Global Transaction IDs and WAN

October 23, 2013 By Severalnines


Last week, the Severalnines & Codership teams came together to co-host two webinar sessions on Galera 3.0, MySQL 5.6, Global Transaction IDs and WAN. The sessions were held during EMEA/APAC as well as NA/LATAM timezones, which worked out quite nicely. Our speakers were Seppo Jaakola from Codership & Vinay Joosery from Severalnines


Webinar topics:

  • Galera Cluster features and benefits
  • Support for MySQL 5.6
  • Integration with MySQL Global Transaction Identifiers
  • Mixing Galera synchronous replication and asynchronous MySQL replication
  • Deploying in WAN and Cloud environments
  • Handling high-latency networks
  • Cluster Management and Monitoring
  • Demo


We had a lot of questions during and also after the webinar sessions, so we thought we’d post all the answers here, as well as the video replay and slides. 


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