MySQL Community Team at PHPTek, Drupalcon, Texas Linux Fest, SELF, Redhat Summit, and Lonestar PHP

This is the start of the heavy travel season for the MySQL Community Team. So if you are attending PHPTek, Drupalcon, Texas LinuxFest, SELF, Redhat Summit, or Lonestar PHP please make sure to say ‘hi’ while you are in Chicago, Portland, Austin, Charlotte, Boston, or Addison. This group of trips is starting with a swag bag full of MySQL stickers, thumb drives, and ‘boogie bots’

MySQL Boogie Bots

Talks PHPTek – Ten Things to Make Your MySQL Servers Faster and Happier — May 16th, 2:45p – 3:45p Texas Linuxfest – The Proper Care and Feeding of a MySQL Database for Linux Administrators — May 31st, 11:25a – 12:20p SELF – Two full days of MySQL talks but I am talking on Ten Things to Make Your MySQL Servers Faster and Happier. MySQL 101, MySQL User Administration — June 8th – 9th Redhat Summit – Big & Traditional Databases — June 12th, 4:40p – 5:50p</li?