Percona Live Conference Notes

This is the required post about things I observed during this years MySQL conference.

Things that are awesome:

  • The tables in sessions. I think these were here last year. They are still awesome this year.
  • The new style power plugs. They solved the problem of people tripping over daisy chained power strips and the strips being accidentally turned off.
  • Massive quantities of coffee and real cream.

Things that can be improved:

  • Lunch tickets. I overheard the same conversation a dozen times about people not being able to find their lunch tickets or not really knowing about them.
  • Make badges reversible. A badge under observation will be facing the wrong way.

Things that just bumped me:

  • The music is different this year. Now it makes me feel like a teenager struggling with a breakup.
  • My secret clean bathroom has been discovered and soiled.
  • The bathrooms by the restaurant were all turned around. I had great fun watching conference veterans try to walk into the wrong bathroom.