MySQL Cluster 7.3 DMR2: Increasing Developer Flexibility and Simplicity

Highlights: Foreign Keys, NoSQL JavaScript Connector, MySQL 5.6 and Auto-Tuned Clustering
The MySQL team at Oracle are excited to announce the immediate availability of the second MySQL Cluster 7.3 Development Milestone Release (DMR)
Some might call MySQL Cluster 7.3 “the foreign keys release” – and sure enough it is a major engineering achievement to build a distributed database that enforces referential integrity across a shared-nothing cluster, while maintaining ACID compliance and cross-shard JOINs. But MySQL Cluster 7.3 is a lot more as well. 
The design focus has been on enabling developer agility – making it simpler and faster than ever to enhance new services with a highly scalable, fault tolerant, real-time database – with minimum development or operational effort. 
The key enhancements delivered by MySQL Cluster 7.3 are summarized below.
Foreign Keys: Strengthens data modeling and simplifies application logic by automatically enforcing referential integrity between different tables distributed on different shards, on different nodes…..even in different data centers 

NoSQL JavaScript Connector for Node.js: Enables a single programming language and a single tool-chain by extending JavaScript from the client to the server, all the way through to the database, bypassing the SQL layer to deliver lower latency and reduced development cycles.  

MySQL 5.6 Support: Developers can combine the InnoDB and MySQL Cluster NDB storage engines within a single database, using the very latest MySQL 5.6 release.

Connection Thread Scalability: Increases cluster performance and capacity by improving the throughput of each connection to the data nodes, thus reducing the number of connections that need to be provisioned, and enabling greater scale-out headroom.  Current testing is showing up to 3x higher throughput per connection, enabling more client threads to use each connection. 

Auto-Installer: Get it all up and running in minutes! Graphically configure and provision a production-grade cluster, automatically tuned for your workload and environment, without ever resorting to “RTFM”.  

MySQL Cluster: Automated Tuning and Configuration  

Read the MySQL Cluster 7.3 DMR2 DevZone article for more detail on all of the enhancements discussed above.

You can download the source and binaries for MySQL Cluster 7.3 DMR2 today (select the Development Releases tab).