Log Buffer #311, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

With real possibilities and opportunities, blogging is getting mature day by day, and so is the technology and its innovations. The combination of both becomes a dazzling medley, which is called as Log Buffer. Enjoy this week’s stunning Log Buffer #311.


Sudip Datta is writing about database as a service.

Premature optimization, (probably) because of Donald Knuth’s famous line “premature optimization is the root of all evil,” (see Structured Programming with go to Statements) is, at the very least, a controversial topic.

Are you using the application server that best serves your changing business needs? Maybe it’s time to consider an upgrade? Suggested by R A Sanyal.

Not all Deadlocks are created the same, according to Doug.

Bitten by a Virtual Column, _OPTIMIZER_IGNORE_HINTS Doesn’t Ignore Hints? Charles Hooper blogs.

SQL Server:

Ryan Adams is renaming server with SQL.

Adding a Linked Server with ‘Oracle Provider for OLE DB’ as the provider – Proceed with caution !

Need to check when was the SQL Server instance was rebooted?

Bradley Schacht had an interesting situation where an SSIS package was scheduled to run at 1 AM but failed with a deadlock message.

Continued investment in your professional development for career growth is hard. It’s also essential to being a successful Data Professional.


Chris Calender is troubleshooting “Waiting for table metadata lock” Errors for both MyISAM and InnoDB Tables.

Baron is currently finishing some features to make a program highly resilient to occasional crashing bugs.

The MySQL Connect 2013 Call for Papers is Open!

Want to loose your foreign key? Here is how.

So what about the diffstat of MariaDB compared to MySQL? Stewart Smith opines.