Boost your use of MySQL Cluster with Oracle Training

Get the most out of your use of MySQL Cluster by attending the MySQL Cluster training course. This three day course:

  • Explains the concepts of MySQL Cluster in detail
  • Describes the different nodes in MySQL Cluster and their purposes
  • Explains how the data is distributed and replicated in the MySQL Cluster
  • Installs all the different nodes used in the MySQL Cluster
  • Starts and stop the different nodes as needed
  • Shows how the different configuration files work and be able to configure all possible types of clusters
  • Uses the cluster in single user mode, and explains when this is necessary
  • Shows how to upgrade cluster components and configuration settings
  • Explains how node failure is detected and handled in the cluster
  • Describes how node restart works internally
  • Explains how system restart works and when this type of restart is needed
  • Backups and restores the data from backups
  • Describes the internal parts of the data nodes
  • Explains how the different types of data scans are performed
  • Explains the difference between the different index types
  • Configures the cluster for optimal performance

You can take this three day instructor-led class in a training center. Some events already on the schedule include:



 Delivery Language

 Edison, NJ, United States

 29 May 2013


 Irvine, CA, United States

 24 July 2013


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