Learn More About the Scalability, Uptime, and Agility of MySQL Cluster

Learn more about the uncompromising scalability, uptime, and agility of MySQL Cluster by taking the authentic MySQL Cluster training course.

During this three day class, you will learn how to properly configure and manage the cluster nodes to ensure high availability, how to install the different nodes as well as get a better understanding of the internals of the cluster.

Events currently on the schedule for this class include:



 Delivery Language

 Wein, Austria

 4 February 2013


London, England 

12 June 2013 


 Rennes, France

26 February 2013 


 Hamburg, Germany

21 January 2013 


 Munich, Germany

 10 June 2013


 Stuttgart, Germany

 26 March 2013


 Budapest, Hungary

 19 June 2013


 Milan, Italy

 4 February 2013


 Warsaw, Poland

 18 March 2013


 Barcelona, Spain

 4 March 2013


 Madrid, Spain

25 February 2013 


Chicago, United States 

27 March 2013 


 Reston, United States

 6 February 2013


 Jakarta, Indonesia

21 January 2013 



18 February 2013 


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