MySQL 5.6 Roadmap

The MySQL Roadamap session @ OOW was a wealth of information. 

Gier was able to talk some in-depth about the MySQL optimizer , ICP , Batched Key Access ("BKA") and Multi-Range Read ("MRR") , 'explain' updates, as well as traces. 

You can catch up on this as well with Rob Young's blog post available here.

Yoshinori also has a great blog post about 5.6.3:

Rob young also talked on MySQL Database Goals:

  •   Re-factored architecture
    • Pluggable feature set
    • Deprecate legacy "baggage"
    • Real data dictionary  (remove .frm files)
  •   Better Cloud, Hosting, Saas features
    • Auto-sharding, load balancing , automatic failover 
    • Online operations
    • Multi-tenancy, schema/catalogs, resource control, "elastic resources"
  • Windows platforms
    • Continue improvements

MySQL Cluster Goals

  • Ease of use
  • Enhanced API
  • Performance & Capacity increases
  • Wider Deployment options

Get MySQL 5.6.3 now and test out these great options !
MySQL 7.2.1 beta is available here.
Look for more blog posts on this topics as myself and the community tests and enjoys these features.