MySQL Connector/Python v1.1.0 alpha

Finally, Connector/Python v1.1.0 is out. It’s the first of a series of alpha releases which will bring some new features. Check out the Change History if you want to keep up with what is being added and changed.

Notable changes for v1.1.0:

  • Connector/Python v1.0 was known to work with Python v2.4 and 2.5. We now break compatibility with these older Python versions.
  • MySQL Prepared Statements are supported using cursor.MySQLCursorPrepared.
  • You can find out whether there is an ongoing transaction by checking MySQLConnection object’s property in_transaction.
  • MySQLConnection.start_transaction was added to make it easier to start a transaction with, for example, a different isolation level.
  • mysql.connector.__version__ and __version_info__ are now available, making it easier to get the version of your favorit MySQL database driver.

Although Connector/Python v1.1.0 is alpha and in good shape, it’s advised not to use it in production just yet.

Some useful links: