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Effective way to check the network connection performance, when using replication geographically distributed

Why this article

The more I have to interact with customers asking about MySQL/Galera, the most I have to answer over and over to the same question about what kind of network conditions Galera can manage efficiently.

One of the most frequent myths I have to cover at the start of any conversation that involve the network is PING.

Most of the customers use PING to validate the generic network conditions, and as direct consequence they apply that approach also when in need to have information on more complex and heavy use like in the Galera replication.

To have a better understanding why I consider the use of PING, not wrong but inefficient, let us review some basic networking concepts.



At the beginning stay the physical layer, but I am going to skip it otherwise article will be too long, what I want only to say is that unless you are able to afford a leased line to …

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