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Who is the Subversion King in your Company?
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Have you ever wanted to know who’s the top committer in your company?
In my previous company we etablished the term “CVS King”, a title comparable to “Employee of the month”. The developer with the most cvs commits was the “CVS King of the month”. We determined who was the “CSV King” using commit emails that were sent to all developers on each cvs commit.
Two years ago we switched to Subversion, so now we’re talking about the “Subversion King”. Naturally all this is anything but serious ;)

Anyway, today i programmed a little php script …

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MySQL: Collation matters when using unique indexes
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When using a uniqie index on a text field in mysql, the column collation setting is very important. The collation settings of a column does not only affect sorting and comparsion, but also unique indexes. So you can not insert "a" and "A" into a table that has a unique index on a column that has a case-insensitive collation. The mysql manual about collations: "A character set is a set of symbols and encodings. A collation is a set of rules for comparing characters in a character set."

Here is an example:
The column text …

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Dynamic Materialized Views in MySQL
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In one of my latest postings I mentioned a way to create semi materialized views in MySQL. The problem was that the solution required a stored procedure for every materialized view. That's very annoying. So I looked for a more general and dynamic approach. The result is another stored procedure with 3 parameters:

  • the name for the source table / view
  • the primary key columns of the source table / view
  • the desired name for the materialized view

Basically this procedure does the following:

  • It drops the materialized view if it …
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