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Recalculating InnoDB Persistent Statistics - a Story of the Bug Report
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One of the first posts in this blog was about reporting MySQL bugs "properly", in a way that maximizes chances for it to be processed really soon. I had written the following there:
"Ideally, you should provide a complete test case and/or instructions that any reader can use to reproduce your problem"Indeed, if one can just copy/paste something to mysql command line client or run some file attached to see the problem, chances are high for the bug to be processed really soon. We all like to get low hanging fruits from time to …

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MySQL Bugs Verification - Is It Really Simple?
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While it was explained already by Sveta and others what does it really mean to "Verify" (or "Confirm", in Launchpad/Percona's terms) a bug in MySQL software, and why this step in a bug's life cycle is important, we still often read complains about too much time taken to verify the bug even with a clearly repeatable test case that can be just …

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DBAs of all countries, unite!
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I’m observing the process of most awesome SHOW commands being abolished, destroyed and some weird information_schema tables are introduced instead.

Say, even though you can select configuration variables using @@syntax, you can’t do same for much more interesting to DBAs status variables in any more interesting logic.

Apparently instead of doing

SHOW STATUS LIKE "questions"

one has to do this now (I’m being dramatic here, above hasn’t been removed yet, but hasn’t been expanded for better usage either):

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