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Open Source Database Podcast Episode One Released
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The new Open Source Database Podcast is a companion to the Open Source Database Magazine. Episode one has now been posted and is available for download. For now I am including the show notes below. I will post these notes on the website soon along with all future show notes.

The feed for the podcast is at and a direct download of the episode is available here.

Episode Summary

This is the first episode of Open Source Database Podcast. This pod cast is about both open source database servers and the people who develop and use them. The plan is for most episodes

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First Issue of Open Source Database Magazine Released!
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I just uploaded the pdf of the summer issue of Open Source Database Magazine. Included in this issue:

  • A great article on the new features of Postgresql 8.4 by Robert Treat
  • Part one of a two part article on Percona’s new XtraBackup backup program

Also the news, the book shelf and Peter Brawley’s Coding Corner. Downloads are available at

Delay in Release of Summer Issue OS DB Magazine
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Due to circumstances beyond my control..evidently involving the power supply of computer handling email for one of the authors .. the magazine has been delayed for a day or two while it gets sorted out. Sorry about that, but it is going to be worth the wait!

MySQL Administator’s Bible Book Giveway Winner!!
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Last week I offered a chance for a reader to win a copy of the MySQL Administrator’s Bible. The reason why is that I was recording an interview with Brian Aker about the Drizzle project and wanted to hear what you thought I should ask Brian. There were some excellent responses. I worked as many of them as possible into the interview although there were some that for legal reasons we could not cover.  Even if your question was not included your name was included in the drawing. Thanks everyone for the input. The interview with Brian will be part of the  Open Source Database podcast scheduled to be

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Free Book Giveaway
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Now that I have your attention, this is actually an update to my last post.  In about four hours I have an interview with Brian Aker for the new podcast I am putting together in conjunction with Open Source Database Magazine.  While I have enough questions for a good interview, I am always looking for more possibilities. Yesterday I said I would randomly choose a name from people who emailed me or commented on the post with a question for Brian about Drizzle and the winner would receive a free copy of MySQL Administrator’s Bible. While I have received some response, it has not been overwhelming. So

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Ask Brian Aker!
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Thursday night I will be recording a conversation with Brian Aker about his work with the Drizzle database.  We will cover everything from why Drizzle was created to what he is currently doing day-to-day.

This will be turned into the initial podcast for the  Open Source Database Magazine podcast.  My goal is release a podcast around the same time as each issue of the magazine. While the magazine will certainly be technical in nature, I don’t see the podcast as going that direction. The podcast will focus more on the people behind the open source products.  The “human side” of open source databases. I find printed interviews of people to be minimally satisfying at best. Interviews are a natural for podcasts. Can’t say that technical content won’t ever sneak in there — but it will

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MySQL Magazine is dead.. long live Open Source Database Magazine!
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Hello everyone,

I began MySQL Magazine in the early summer of 2007. It was began, not as a lark, but without any idea that it would ever become so popular. It was just a way I thought I could contribute to the MySQL community. Over time it has grown very well with recent issues being downloaded around 10,000 times directly from the website. I have no way of counting other downloads although I know issues are posted in multiple other locations.

I have been debating for about six months on changing things up a bit. As I said in my last post, change for the sake of change is almost never good. This isn’t change just for change’s sake.   I am convinced that enlarging the old MySQL

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