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Gmail: Forward All Mail to Another Address
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One of Gmail’s greatest features is its spam filtering. But, if you have a situation where you want to forward mail from multiple Gmail accounts to a single location, that fantastic filtering becomes a little cumbersome. In this situation, having junk mail sitting around in multiple Gmail accounts is actually the opposite of what you want. It would be better for all mail, including spam, to be forwarded so that you can waste time digging through a single spam box rather than many.

Dustin Li has …

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Redefining Spam, in the age of Twitter
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For the past few months, I’ve been helping my friend develop and market Philtro .
We’ve gone through various iterations of the elevator pitch for it, and the one that seems to be kinda working, is: “It’s like a spam filter for your Twitter account.”

At SXSW, I got the opportunity to talk to Guy Kawasaki about this tool, …

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