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Optimizing Performance of the MySQL Cluster Database – White Paper update
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Engineering threads within a Data Node

A new version of the white paper “Guide to Optimizing Performance of the MySQL Cluster Database (" target="_blank)” has been released; download it here (" target="_blank).

This paper steps you through:

  • Identifying if your application is a good fit for MySQL Cluster
  • Measuring performance and identifying problem performance
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Latest New Whitepapers in the IOUG On-line Library – 11-Jan-2012
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Current White Papers for the Oracle Professional Zero Downtime Migration to Oracle Exadata using Oracle GoldenGate In this paper we will review Oracle GoldenGate’s capabilities and how it can be used to achieve zero downtime migration and consolidation to Oracle … Continue reading →
New white paper – MySQL Replication – Enhancing Scalability and Availability with MySQL 5.5
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MySQL Replication from 1 Master to Multiple Slaves

A new white paper has been published that covers MySQL Replication – background information, how it works, how to use it and what’s new in MySQL 5.5. Simply register for the white paper at (" target="_blank) and you’ll be sent your free copy.

The paper starts by covering the fundamental concepts behind replication such as the difference between synchronous and asynchronous replication and the idea behind semisynchronous replication.

It goes on to describe the common use-cases

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Percona White Paper: Architecting SaaS Applications with XtraDB
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Vadim and I have just published a new technical white paper. It shows how Percona Server with XtraDB can make large-scale multi-tenant databases easier to build with MySQL. Our experiences working with SaaS and shared-hosting companies influenced the features we included in Percona Server and XtraDB, and I think this is the best explanation of what levers are available and how to use them.

Percona Server with XtraDB for Software-as-a-Service Application Databases is posted on the white-paper section of our website. No registration is required; it is just a PDF, freely downloadable with no marketing follow-up. Many thanks to Mark Callaghan and Dimitri Kravtchuk, who reviewed and gave

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New white paper: Guide to Optimizing Performance of the MySQL Cluster Database
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MySQL Cluster Connection Pooling

This guide explores how to tune and optimize the MySQL Cluster database to handle diverse workload requirements. It discusses data access patterns and how to build distribution awareness into applications, before exploring schema and query optimization, tuning of parameters and how to get the best out of the latest innovations in hardware design.

The Guide concludes with recent performance benchmarks conducted with the MySQL Cluster database, an overview of how MySQL Cluster can be integrated with other MySQL storage engines, before summarizing additional resources that will enable you to optimize MySQL Cluster

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PDI cloud : massive performance roundup
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Dear Kettle fans,

As expected there was a lot of interest in cloud computing at the MySQL conference last week.  It felt really good to be able to pass the Bayon Technologies white paper around to friends, contacts and analysts.  It’s one thing to demonstrate a certain scalability on your blog, it’s another entirely to have a smart man like Nicholas Goodman do the math.

Sorting massive amounts of rows is hard problem to take on.  Making it scale on low-cost EC2

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MySQL Cluster 7.0 Launched
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MySQL (part of Sun Microsystems) have just announced the release of MySQL Cluster 7.0. This is a major new version of the database.

The highlights of the release (as well as an overview of the MySQL Cluster architecture) have been published in a new white paper: MySQL Cluster 7.0: Architecture and New Features (

For those in a rush, here are the highlights of the highlights:

  • Multi-threaded data nodes. Could previously exploit up to 2 cores/CPUs/threads for a single data node. This is extended to 8 cores by introducing a multi-threaded version of the ndb process. This delivers a very significant performance improvement if running on a host with more than  a dual core.
  • On-line add node. The ability to add a new node group to an
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