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Slides from my Percona Live “Benchmarking” presentation
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I finally posted a copy of the slides from my Percona Live presentation, “Creating a Benchmarking Infrastructure that Just Works”.  The PDF is available via this link.

The content comes from my personal experiences over many years benchmarking and testing databases, usually focusing on performance.  It was an opportunity to see how far my personal benchmark infrastructure has evolved, but even better has inspired me to improve it in several areas.

I never had a chance to to my own post-conference wrap-up regarding the Percona Live show.  While waiting for my flight home at SFO airport I concluded that

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MySQL Paradise: YouTube Video
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Yesterday we posted the photos and lyrics. Now we’ve got the YouTube video (click here)!

And for those who want some behind the scenes photos, see here and here. (courtesy of @seattlegaucho).

MySQL and MongoDB – Strata Discussion with Jeff Kelly of Wikibon (Part 1)
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We had the opportunity to do a CUBE interview with Wikibon analyst Jeff Kelly at last week’s Strata Conference in Santa Clara. In the first part of our conversation, we discuss how our success in integrating Tokutek’s Fractal Tree® technology into MySQL has led us to another popular database, MongoDB. We explain the results of our recent benchmarking tests with MongoDB, which indicate that adding indexing can also improve performance for this popular NoSQL database with faster insertion rates, lower query latency and

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Regarding the MySQL Conference and Expo 2012
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Last week, Baron Schwartz announced the Percona Live MySQL Conference and Expo 2012.

Percona organized MySQL related conferences and seminars before, and from what I've heard, with considerable success and to satisfaction of its attendees, and there's one coming up in London in October 2011. But arguably, last week's announcement is quite different from the prior Percona conferences. It's different, because it seeks to replace the annual O'Reilly MySQL Conference and Expo.

Everyone that has read the announcement will have no trouble recognizing it as a

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Dude, Where’s my Fractal Tree?
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Unless you are Ashton Kutcher (@aplusk), or one of his Hollywood buddies, you don’t need to read any further. Allow me to explain…

Over the weekend, we launched our new website. This type of announcement used to be interesting in the high-tech world. I heard Kara Swisher of the WSJ’s All things D speak at a MassTLC event in May.  She admitted back in the 1990s, when the web was just getting into high gear, that a new website from an interesting company might actually get some coverage. Not anymore.

I’ve also been told at all the SEO classes I’ve taken

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MQL-to-SQL: A JSON-based query language for your favorite RDBMS - Part III
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This is the third article in a series providing background information to my talk for the MySQL User's conference, entitled MQL-to-SQL: a JSON-based Query Language for RDBMS Access from AJAX Applications.

In the first installment, I introduced freebase, an open shared database of the world's knowledge and its JSON-based query language, the Metaweb Query Language (MQL, pronounced Mickle). In addition, I discussed

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MQL-to-SQL: A JSON-based query language for your favorite RDBMS - Part I
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Yesterday, I wrote about how I think this year's MySQL conference will differ from prior editions. I also wrote that I will attend and that I will be speaking on MQL-to-SQL.

I promised I would explain a little bit more background about my talk, so here's the first installment.

Abstract: MQL is a JSON-based database query language that has some very interesting features as compared to SQL, especially for modern (

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Speaking at the MySQL conference 2011
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I just received a confirmation that my presentation proposal for the MySQL user conference 2011 was accepted! The title for my proposal is MQL-to-SQL: a JSON-based Query Language for RDBMS Access from AJAX Applications, and it covers pretty much everything implied by the title.

As always, the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Santa Clara, California serves as the venue. The conference will be held from April 11-14. Except for the venue and period, I think this year's conference will bear few similarities to previous editions. Let me try and explain.

This year's theme is "MySQL, the ecosystem and

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What is a Performance Model for SSDs?
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Here are the slides and video for my MySQL UC ignite talk on measuring the performance of SSDs.

You can find this talk and other mostly technical material at http://tokutek.com/technology/.

This research was funded in part by the National Science Foundation.

“How Fractal Trees Work” talk at MySQL 2010
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Here’s the talk I presented at the MySQL User Conference. This talk is a fairly technical talk on how fractal trees work.

You can find this talk and other mostly technical material at http://tokutek.com/technology/.

Tokutek MySQL UC Talks
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I (Bradley C. Kuszmaul) am presenting two talks at the MySQL User Conference.

The first talk is a 5-minute talk at tonight’s Ignite MySQL session organized by Brian Aker. I’ll present some performance measurements on the Intel X25E SSD. The bottom line is that although I can get the 3,300 random 4KB writes per second, as the spec sheet advertises, I cannot seem to get more than about 11,000 reads per second, although the spec sheet says I should get 35,000.

My second talk is tomorrow (Thursday) at 10:50am, where I’ll talk about Fractal Trees. I’ll explain how Fractal Trees work, and show why they can get one to two orders of magnitude speedup on insertions compared to B-tree indexes. The talk is about data structures and algorithms, but I think it should be easy for everyone to

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Ready for the User Conference?
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I cannot recall any significant moment of the conferences in 2002 and 2003 (simply because I was not there) but…
In 2005 we had MySQL 5. Peter Zaitsev was still working in the benchmark team for MySQL AB. His presentation on InnoDB performance and tuning was enlighting for many.
In 2006 we discovered the Pluggable Storage Engine API. Jim Starkey joined MySQL AB and we announced Falcon. [A brighter note,] I have been so lucky to meet Paul McCullagh the day before the Conference. Paul is one of the nicest and most brilliant persons I have ever met.
2007 was all around 5.1. We announced the roadmap for 6.0 and our online cross engine backup.
In 2008 we were Sun and for the first time Marten Mickos left his place on stage of the UC to Jonathan Schwartz.
In 2009 we had the Oracle announcement and the Percona Conference. You may describe the conference in many

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MySQL - the best stored routine is the one you don't write
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At Fosdem 2010, already two weeks ago, I had the pleasure of hearing Geert van der Kelen explain the work he has been doing on connecting MySQL (http://www.mysql.com/" target="mysql) and Python. I don't know anything about Python, but anybody that has the courage, perseverance and coding skills to create an implementation of the the MySQL wire protocol from scratch is a class-A programmer in my book. So, I encourage everyone that needs MySQL connectivity for Python programs to check out Geert's brainchild, MySQL Connector/Python.

In relation to MySQL Connector/Python, I just read

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Deadline extension: MySQL Conf Call for Papers open until 5 Nov 2008
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“Reminders work. At least on me.” I confessed in my previous CfP posting.

Well, guess what also works on me? Deadline extensions! I aim at making most (ehh, all) deadlines, but at times, I fail. And I have observed similar behaviour in others.

And therefore we have extended our CfP to 5 November 2008 (all fellow Europeans out there: “midnight 11/05/2008 PST” looks like mid May, but isn’t).

Some key points:

  • We’re looking at high quality
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    MySQL Sandalcamp Presentation
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    Unfortunately, I had to skip out on my presentation at this year’s MySQL Conference.

    Thankfully, my friend Mike Hillyer was able to pinch hit for me. I had planned to do a podcast of the session, but - as he is totally awesome - Mike even recorded the session.

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    Speaking at the 2007 MySQL Conference
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    My MySQL Sandalcamp proposal made the cut for the upcoming MySQL Conference. I hope that I will see some of you down in Santa Clara in April.

    2007 MySQL Users Conference
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    I wonder how many people will attend a session at a tech conference where the start of the description reads as follows:

    Hey You! Yes, You! Manager, marketeer, sales professional: are you tired of 98lb weaklings kicking silicon in your face?

    I am thinking this way because my friends at MySQL AB (http://www.mysql.com/) are putting on another MySQL User Conference - this time from April 23 - 26 in Santa Clara, California.

    The Call for Participation went live a few days ago and, as always, I am proposing a session. I don’t really need to go, but I definitely have a soft spot for the event, as I chaired the first two MySQL UCs. Also, I had a good deal of fun working on the

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    Random bits of info for MySQL UC attendees
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    Dear MySQL User Conference Attendees,

    The resources I mentioned to some or many of you are:

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    MySQL UC 2006 Schedule Online
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    Arjen (and the rest of the MySQL Users Conference team) have finally posted the session grid for the conference.

    It looks quite good - over a hundred sessions, with a broad and strong technical focus. To see the grid, visit http://www.mysqluc.com/pub/w/45/grid-All.html.

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