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The magical abandoned .ibd files after crash recovery with MySQL 5.7.10
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If you are running ‘OPTIMIZE TABLE’ or altering ‘TABLESPACE’ just be careful not to kill MySQL service while running these commands
Here is a test case:
We have a table:

CREATE TABLE `sbtest1` (
`id` int(10) unsigned NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,
`k` int(10) unsigned NOT NULL DEFAULT '0',
`c` char(120) NOT NULL DEFAULT '',
`pad` char(60) NOT NULL DEFAULT '',
KEY `k_1` (`k`)

After a while we want to ‘OPTIMIZE’ this table:

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How to lose General Tablespace in MySQL 5.7.10
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If you have not be careful with General Tablespaces in MySQL 5.7.10, you must be at least from now.
I have reported several bugs related to General Tablespaces for eg.:

* #77814 -> Altering table twice,with same tablespace will increase general tablespace size (verfied)

* #77556 -> Segmentation fault while creating general tablespace in disk full Linux (fixed/closed)

* #77830 -> …

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Installing Percona Server with TokuDB and TokuBackup from source, in CentOS 7 minimal
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Today i want to share experience with latest Percona Server where TokuDB and TokuBakcup plugins have been added in main source.
So there is no other steps needed here to get and started.
But in recent discussion in our local community, there was a question: “How about installing MySQL on CentOS minimal”.
The reason was clear, because somebody got too many errors in fresh CentOS 7 minimal.

I want to share here full steps.
Please follow numbers:

1. Getting Source package:

[root@testing-host1 ~]# wget …

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Getting SIGABRT -> Assertion `is_binlog_empty()’ failed with MySQL 5.7.7-rc
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What about inserting data to MySQL 5.7.7-rc-debug with GTID/binary log enabled. It is OK until you hit disk full condition while inserting data. It will crash on the way and likely you will lose MySQL. Error log indicates related problem:

2015-07-29T07:20:05.865708Z 2 [ERROR] InnoDB: posix_fallocate(): Failed to preallocate data for file ./sls2/sales.ibd, desired size 4194304 bytes. Operating system error number 28. Check that the disk is not full or a disk quota exceeded. Make sure the file system supports this function. Some operating system error numbers are described at …
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Altering tablespace of table – new in MySQL 5.7
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Dear community, maybe you have already tested, there are new added features in MySQL 5.7. See previous post -> About 5.7.7-rc BUGs

“General Tablespace” feature -> From now you can place tables to separate tablespaces. Prior, on our hands there were only “System TableSpace” and “InnoDB file per table” options. Today’s topic is altering table to use this “General Tablespace”.

Our sample table structure:

mysql> show create table t1;

    | Table | …
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Testing MySQL 5.7.7-rc with memory and disc full conditions
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With MySQL 5.7 there will be many improvements and changes. The most valuable ones are:

1. “General Tablespace” feature -> From now you can place tables to separate tablespaces. Prior, on our hands there were only “System TableSpace” and “InnoDB file per table” options.

Check for further reading: General Tablespaces Create statement: Create TableSpace


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VALIDATE PASSWORD PLUGIN with mysql_secure_installation in 5.7.7-rc
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While testing installation steps with MySQL 5.7.7-rc, surely you will find much more improvements, changes, deprecated functionality and etc.

The interesting one is activating VALIDATE PASSWORD PLUGIN via mysql_secure_installation script. Which we use by mean “securing” MySQL installations.

I will write a separate topic about MySQL 5.7.7-rc installation steps from source, with related BUG reports.

So after first run:

[root@centos7_vm mysql]# bin/mysql_secure_installation --socket=/opt/mysql/datadir/mysqld-new.sock
Securing the MySQL server deployment.
Connecting to MySQL server using password in …
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Comprehensive guide to installing PXC on CentOS 7
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Recently want to install Percona XtraDB Cluster + HAProxy + KeepAlived on CentOS 7, but could not find any all-in-one guide. So decided to write down all steps necessary for getting started and running HA solution using Open Source projects. Nowadays high availability is one of the main concerns faced by big and small companies.Minimum wasting of time (downtime per year), sustainably working of infrastructure and etc. is the main mission for all companies that they are trying to achieve.There are different approaches to this mission. One of them as large companies did, to buy expensive software and support from vendors. But small companies could not go through …

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MySQL Optimizer Tracer usage case with count(*)
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What is Optimizer Trace? After reading topic about Optimizer Tracer by [Morgan Tocker][1] decided to test it. From [Optimizer Trace and EXPLAIN FORMAT=JSON in 5.7][2]: Optimizer trace is a new diagnostic tool introduced in MySQL 5.6 to show how the optimizer is working internally. It is similar to EXPLAIN, with a few notable differences: It doesn’t just show the intended execution plan, it shows the alternative choices. You enable the optimizer trace, then you run the actual query. It is far more verbose in its output. For understanding goal of article please read previous one about related verified optimizer BUG: [Playing with count() …

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MySQL LogRotate script
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Did you ever try to use log rotate facility in Linux with MySQL? There is no need to script one for this purpose, it is already installed. From MySQL spec file, it looks for logrotate.d folder:

    # Ensure that needed directories exists 
    install -d $RBR%{_sysconfdir}/{logrotate.d,init.d}

As well as there is dedicated script for installing logrotate script. The script path is: /mysql-5.6.24/support-files/ Again from spec file:

    # Install logrotate and autostart 
    install -m 644 $MBD/release/support-files/mysql-log-rotate …
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