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MySQL Performance and Tuning Best Practices
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Users are complaining about slowness in your system, MySQL load is always high… The more your database has access, the more it may get slow or worse: slowness even if it is running with low load. You are starting to get desperate! The consequences of slowness and high load are disastrous: If your site is slow,... Read More

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Installing MySQL on Mac OS X easily
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Installing MySQL Database on Ubuntu or CentOS is a trivial operation as long as they have nice package managers as Aptitute and YUM. Otherwise, in Mac OS X is a hard operation from downloading the correct package, apllying with several steps and it can break the whole install, if you But, with Homebrew, the install... Read More

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MySQL Security Best Practices
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If you install a MySQL Database Server with the default options, your data are insecure and your server is in risk of invasion and some performance issues will appear shortly. With some best practices, your MySQL database becomes secure and the performance goes well. 1 – Set root password and change its login name As... Read More

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Export and Import MySQL Databases
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When you have a MySQL server in production, backups are necessary to protect your data against any problem that may occur with your server. To make the backup and to restore the data, Exporting to a dump file The operation of export is also called dumping. To carry out the exporting, use the command msyqldump […]

SkySQL’s Updated Training Schedule
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This is just an update to let you know that the new SkySQL Training Schedule is now available online.

The schedule extends as far as September 2012.

There are courses in the Belgium, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Ireland, the Netherlands, Sweden, and and the United States.

And some of the course titles include:

  • Administering a MySQL® Database
  • Developing Applications with the MySQL® Database
  • Performance Tuning for the MySQL® Database
  • High Availability for the MySQL® Database
  • Administering MySQL® Cluster

You can read the full schedule here:

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Installing HandlerSocket on RHEL 6 + Percona-Server 5.5 in Five(ish) Easy Steps
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As a followup to my previous post on installing HandlerSocket on CentOS 5 + Percona-Server 5.1, I’ve been asked to provide an updated HOWTO for RHEL 6 + Percona-Server 5.5. Although very similar to the original steps, there are some new traps (RHEL 6 comes with SELinux enabled) and there are some new ec2 gotchas! [...]

Adding pre/post hooks into MySQL init scripts
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On several occasions it may be necessary to do some tasks around the process of starting or stopping a MySQL server such as:

  • Perform a warmup of the database using custom scripts and external information that the init_file configuration may not have access to.
  • Change configuration settings such as innodb_log_file_size and adjust the on disk files that this needs.
  • Change configuration settings such as log_bin (I try to use a relative paths to ensure that different instances use a common setting even if datadir is different, and changing from an absolute to relative …
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PCI DSS & MySQL – Requirement 6
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Requirement 6 of PCI DSS v1.2 states that in order to be compliant, an organization must: “Develop and maintain secure systems and applications” “Unscrupulous individuals use security vulnerabilities to gain privileged access to systems. Many of these vulnerabilities are fixed by vendor- provided security patches, which must be installed by the entities that manage the [...]

PCI DSS & MySQL – Requirement 4
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Requirement 4 of PCI DSS v1.2 states that we must: “Encrypt transmission of cardholder data across open, public networks” Specifically, “Sensitive information must be encrypted during transmission over networks that are easily accessed by malicious individuals. Misconfigured wireless networks and vulnerabilities in legacy encryption and authentication protocols can be continued targets of malicious individuals who [...]

Nagios Checks For MMM
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I’ve written some new Nagios checks for MMM (MMM on Google Code … MMM on Launchpad). check_mmm is a part of, and is meant to be called locally on the MMM Monitor server (usually via NRPE). Feedback is welcome, usage is as follows: Usage: check_mmm --cluster C# Options: --cluster= The MMM Cluster to check [...]

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