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On operating system upgrades and a packager’s nightmare
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A fairy tale

Once upon a time I did an operating system upgrade, a minor one that should do no harm, but just get me up to date by fixing any bugs in the version I had been using. It seemed like a good idea.

All seemed to be fine. I use a package provided by an external vendor and not the one produced by the operating system provider as this vendor provides a newer version of the package and I need that. The vendor has to make his package fit in the os environment his package is built for and normally does a pretty good job.

I use automation to build my systems and when I built a new one some issues …

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Moved to a new hosting provider
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Again, I have moved to a new hosting provider after my free-tier with Amazon EC2 expired.  As usual I was looking for a good VPS provider with a decent price, providing good support and in particular a provider supporting FreeBSD, my favorite OS for server (for desktop I still prefer GNU/Linux.)

This time I have carefully reviewed many options and have finally settled with …

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[FreeBSD] unicorn.god
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I had a very strange problem concerning my Ruby on Rails installation, using FreeBSD, nginx, Unicorn and God.

When starting god from the command line as root, everything worked. However, as soon as I placed the god command into /etc/rc.local or a even service file in /usr/local/etc/rc.d, god didn’t start the Unicorn server but showed exit code 127 for “bundle exec unicorn -E production -c config/unicorn.rb”.

So I added a log directive to the god configuration and looked at the log file. It said:

env: ruby1.9: No such file or directory

Then I changed the god configuration to include /usr/local/bin in the PATH and now everything …

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MariaDB in FreeBSD ports tree
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You can now find MariaDB 5.2 in your ports tree in FreeBSD. Check out ports/databases/mariadb. Its currently at MariaDB 5.2.4 and the package maintainer will continue updating it as new releases are made. Naturally the documentation in the Knowledgebase has been updated to reflect this.

tcpdump errors on FreeBSD for mk-query-digest
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While I use this tcpdump command for MySQL query analysis with mk-query-digest, I found recently that it didn’t work on FreeBSD

$ tcpdump -i bge0 port 3306 -s 65535 -x -n -q -tttt -c 5
tcpdump: syntax error

It left me perplexed and reading the man page seemed to indicate my options were valid. I tried a few variances just to be sure without success.

$ tcpdump -i bge0 -c 5 port 3306 -x
tcpdump: syntax error
$ tcpdump -i bge0 -c 5 port 3306 -q
tcpdump: syntax error
$ tcpdump -i bge0 -c 5 port 3306 -tttt
tcpdump: …
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PostgreSQL – Rock Solid in the face of forking MySQL
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Ever since Sun Microsystems agreed to acquire MySQL back in 2008, there has been a fair bit of uncertainty and chaos surrounding the world’s most popular Open Source database. With many big names in the MySQL community pulling in different …

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Merry Christmas!
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I spent the last month taking a break from Open Source, partly due to FreeBSD 7.1 failing to hit the FTP servers as scheduled (any excuse), but mostly due to Santa’s early delivery of Ableton Live. Not really Open Source I may add but extremely cool nonetheless and a much needed break from coding!.

I find that staring too much at code can hamper the creative process (hehe), and as you know Creativity and Innovation go hand in hand with Open Source Software!.

Speaking …

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Success with OpenSolaris + ZFS + MySQL in production!
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Pimp My Drive by Richard and Barb

There’s remarkably little information online about using MySQL on ZFS, successfully or not, so I did what any enterprising geek would do: Built a box, threw some data on it, and tossed it into production to see if it would sink or swim.

I’m a Linux geek, have been since 1993 ( …

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Code Me In!
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If you are security conscious and nowadays who isn’t?, you may have pondered over ways to make your external SSH connection safer.
Of course there’s always One-time Passwords and Public Keys, but if like me you watch the daily barrage of brute force attacks you may be thinking it’s only a matter of time…

That’s what I was thinking at about the same time an SMS arrived on my …

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Issue Five of MySQL Magazine just came out and it included the results from its Annual MySQL Usage Survey. Among a bunch of other cool information, it asked the question: “What is your favorite blog?” (Q26). The results were as follows:

The first interesting thing that I noticed was that the #1 [...]

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