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WebSynergy Milestone 3 Release
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Project WebSynergy continues its march to its first commercial release early next year. Last Friday, the team released its Milestone 3 [download].

Major changes or additions since the last milestone include: GlassFish V2 & V3 bundles, much improved documentation, better samples, WSRP-Database integration, jBPM Workflow support, an OpenOffice plugin, Eclipse support, and

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Project WebSynergy SB2 is out! SB3 Cooking..
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Project WebSynergy Stable Build 2 [download] is now available! This build represents a significant milestone for the team and establishes a lot of the groundwork for the future features. In addition, summer vacations and name searches have delayed us somewhat, but we are very close to getting the external community site established (see my detailed blog post for details).

Future features include exposing more Presence features, authorization and identity-based content delivery via

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... Managing GFv2, SMF in OpenSolaris, $30M in 30 Days, MySQL and GF, Kindle and Java
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A concise compilation of today's news of interest to TheAquarium readers:

Nazrul provides Links on GFv2 Monitoring, including GF-bundled tools, other Sun and 3rd party tools, documentation and web sites.

Arun documents how to start the MySQL and GlassFish Bundle, with detailed steps and screenshots.

Dave, writing in the SocialSite Blog, provides an Overview of the Apache Shindig REST API, which is used by the

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New NetBeans, GlassFish and MySQL Bundle
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The NetBeans team released a new NB + MySQL + GF bundle (download) a couple of weeks ago but I didn't time to write about it. The bundle includes:

NetBeans 6.1
GlassFish v2 UR2
MySQL Community Server

See reviews and comments from James - a frequent NetBeans blogger - and Colin - a frequent MySQL blogger -

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