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MySQL 5.6 is out, so what is next?
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MySQL 5.6 is out now and that is good news. I have already been using pre-GA versions on some production servers with good success and now that the few wrinkles I have seen have been ironed out, I am sure a lot of people will find the new features in 5.6 well worth waiting for.

However, that does lead to the question of: “what next?”

I still have several things that I would like to see in MySQL in no specific order of preference such as:

  • Session transaction state exposed as a variable to allow you to determine if you have started a transaction or not, and thus allowing you to use BEGIN WORK, ROLLBACK or COMMIT as needed.  This information is available via the C API I believe but not via SQL.  Something like @@in_transaction = 1.  Makes modular programming easier.
  • Table space management. The default behaviour now in 5.6 is to move to
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common_schema: 1.3: security goodies, parameterized split(), json-to-xml, query checksum
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common_schema 1.3 is released and is available for download. New and noteworthy in this version:

  • Parameterized split(): take further control over huge transactions by breaking them down into smaller chunks, now manually tunable if needed
  • duplicate_grantee(): copy+paste existing accounts along with their full set of privileges
  • similar_grants: find which accounts share the
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State of InnDB Online DDL in MySQL 5.6.9-RC (good news included)
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5.6.9-RC is out, and I was curious to see how the online DDL has improved since my 5.6.8 review. I also owe James Day this review, since he came up with results inconsistent with my own.

We both agreed the dataset I was using was too small, but I got similar results even on larger scale. Then some time passed, and 5.6.9 was announced.

So for the 5.6.9 test I took one of my real tables on production. It is not extremely large: it's a ~ 300MB .ibd file, in the following format:

mysql> show create
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State of InnDB Online DDL in MySQL 5.6.8-RC
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5.6.8-rc is out, and so I'm following up on InnoDB's online DDL new feature: the ability to SELECT, INSERT, DELETE, UPDATE a table even while an ALTER TABLE is executing on same table.

The brief summary

Not as advertised; many things can't be done.

The longer review

I'm using 5.6.8-rc 64bit binary distribution for Linux, installed via mysqlsandbox. My hardware is irrelevant, but the fact I'm testing on my laptop assists me in that ALTER TABLE operations take a while, so that I'm able to easily type commands in two terminals and have the time to watch them being executed. Query cache is disabled.

I'm using the sakila sample database, and in particular I'm working with the rental table. Here's the table definition:

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MySQL 5.6 RC: further thoughts and questions
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Here are a few questions I came up with while experimenting with MySQL 5.6.7 & 5.6.8. They are the impressions of a first-time encounter with 5.6, which is a single opportunity for a person to point out the things that strike as odd.

Bugs-wise, just submitted another crashing bug for 5.6.8. I'm just one man, so I extrapolate to realize there is still much work to be done.

The below list does not necessarily make for a bug list; mostly things that puzzle me. I hope it can stir some additional thinking.

  • Transportable tablespace: what's the difference between FLUSH TABLES my_table WITH READ LOCK and FLUSH TABLES my_table FOR EXPORT? Both create the .cfg file, and both seem to operate just as well.
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    Further experiments with MySQL 5.6.7-RC: submit your bugs
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    Here's the background: I'm testing many features of MySQL 5.6.7-RC due to two reasons:

    • I'm verifying my common_schema installs and works properly on 5.6
    • I promised I would present a 45 minute "what's new in MySQL 5.6" seminar in the upcoming OracleWeek (Israel)

    In the case of common_schema, I have managed to find one weird bug (a behavior regression from 5.5) and one server-crashing bug, by merely running the project's tests, known to pass on 5.1 and 5.5 (and not utilizing any 5.6 features).

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    InnoDB DDL: kudos to quick responders on
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    Continuing my experiments with 5.6 InnoDB online DDL, a bug which I've opened, and another which I commented on were quickly answered and explained by the Oracle/MySQL team.

    On both accounts I'm happy to acknowledge the issue is resolved; in both cases I failed to produce a real bug scenario. Good lesson. Kudos for quick and informative responses!

    What's left of my experiment, then? Still a lot to check.

    I am mainly still confused with which operations exactly can use LOCK=NONE (allowing for updated to table while ALTERing). So far I am only able to produce ALTERs with LOCK=SHARED, meaning table is readable, but cannot be updated.

    I will want to test

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    Experimenting with 5.6 InnoDB Online DDL (bugs included)
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    MySQL 5.6 offers the groundbreaking online DDL operations for InnoDB. Most common use cases will enjoy this feature, and the need for online alter table scripts will decrease. This is a killer feature!

    I've put this new feature to the usability test. How did it go? Not too well, I'm afraid.

    [Updates to this text inline], also see this followup.

    sakila & DDL

    sakila is still a very useful database. I say "still" because it is not very large, and computing power is getting stronger; yet on my laptop some operations can still take many seconds to

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    Thoughts on MySQL 5.6 new replication features
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    After playing a little bit with MySQL 5.6 (RC), and following closely on Giuseppe's MySQL 5.6 replication gotchas (and bugs), I was having some thoughts.

    These are shared for a few reasons:

    • Maybe I didn't understand it well, and someone could correct me
    • Or I understood it well, and my input could be of service to the developers
    • Or it could be of service to the users

    InnoDB tables in mysql schema

    The introduction of InnoDB tables in mysql makes for crash-safe replication information: the exact replication position (master log file+pos, relay log file+pos etc.) is updated on InnoDB tables; with innodb_flush_logs_at_trx_commit=1 this means replication status is

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    MySQL 5.6 new features: the user's perspective
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    This is a yet-another compilation of the new MySQL 5.6 feature set. It is not a complete drill down. This list reflects what I believe to be the interesting new features user and usability -wise.

    For example, I won't be listing InnoDB's split of kernel mutex. I'm assuming it can have a great impact on overall performance due to reducing lock contention; but usability-wise, this is very internal.

    The complication is an aggregate of the many announcements and other complications published earlier on. See a reference at the end of this post.

    Do note I am not using 5.6 as yet; it is in RC, not GA. I am mostly excited just to write down this list.


    • Online ALTER TABLE: if there is one major new feature in 5.6 you would want to upgrade for, this would be it. Add
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